Ministers order probe into ‘unacceptable’ Sharia law courts operating in BRITAIN

MINISTERS have ordered a probe into the unlawful use of “discriminatory” Sharia councils as part of the Government’s counter-extremism strategy.

Tory peer Lord Bates said Islamic law is potentially being applied in an “unacceptable” way in England and Wales.

A number of Sharia councils operate in the UK to offer resolution to disputes – but they have no jurisdiction in criminal matters.

They can dissolve religious marriages but couples must go to an official court to obtain a civil divorce.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Islamic Autonomous Regions in 3 years.

    • infedel

      Nope; they do not allow Western law it it their lands do not allow sharia here — be as tough as they are and forget the names they call.

  • infedel

    Treason and sedition. To the gallows!

    • The UK allowed the establishment of state sanctioned Sharia Courts.

      • infedel

        True; and again: Treason and sedition. To the gallows! Our politicians are failing the citizens and countries they made an oath to protect. The West can get its own oil screw arabia — besides we are pulling it out for them. Just stop.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        The courts were even blessed by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

        • H

          He’s hoping to put that little tidbit in his resume when he applies for the Grand Mufti of Canterbury position.

  • infedel

    Hope it is more effective than the probes into the systematic rape of our girls by moslems.

  • ismiselemeas

    Much like the fact that there’s no such thing as Chinese medicine there’s no such thing as religious marriage. Circumstances become much simpler when you remove the shackles of false convention.

  • Ron MacDonald

    I’m certain the same will take place in Canada should Justin become prime minister.

    • Barry Thornton

      Thumbs up for being correct, thumbs down because of the content of your comment.

  • eMan14

    No Sharia courts should be allowed… ever.

  • John

    What is the punishment for practicing law without a license?

    You’d think they could at least apply that.

    Take these ‘judges’ and either throw them out of the country or put them behind bars

    These courts are a direct challenge to the authority of state, and so should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  • pdxnag

    Don’t you have a law on sedition on the books?