Memoir: “The first time I had to bury a person I was fighting back my tears …”

From Kim Seon-I’s memoir. She is a survivor of a North Korean death camp:

The first time I had to bury a person I was fighting back my tears but another inmate whose name was Bok-soon, who was in charge of herbal medicine, told me to spit and trample on the corpse. I asked her why, and she said it was a kind of ritual to drive out the ghost of the dead person so they would not come after me. It told the ghost that ‘I won’t die here like you’. That day on the way back, I was weeping alone. One of the male inmates, who was making wooden boards from a log to give to the warders who sold them for extra money, asked me why I was crying. He warned me not to let anybody see me cry as I will be punished and get beaten up. He said that female inmates were actually better off as they could be buried in the ground. The dead bodies of male inmates often got stuffed inside the boilers and burned with coal.



  • Maggat

    The shiny pony seems to have a love on with the Chinese dictators. I wonder if he doesn’t also have a woody for Kim Chee lll

    • There’s nothing wrong with kimchi. There IS something wrong with Kim Jong-Un.

      China is complicit in the forcible return of North Korean refugees and the sexual slavery of North Korean women.

      This is the dictatorship (underline that five times) Trudeau (Pere et Fils) admire.

      • Maggat

        That is my names for the three NK dicktaters, Kim Chee 1,2, & 3.
        By the by I love kimchee.

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  • Shame on the free world for allowing this Stalinist North Korean regime to exist. Imagine if Nazi Germany had continued to exist for decades.

    • Doug Kursk

      I suspect the only reason they have not been wiped from the earth is their nukes..hence, the reason why even the smallest bad actors want to acquire them.