“Harper Should Be Embarrassed He’s Having to Count on Support of Rob Ford”

says idiot who berates his own supporters:

Trudeau, asked during an appearance in Montreal about the prime minister’s association with the Ford brothers, said Harper should be “embarrassed that he’s having to count on the support of Rob Ford for his re-election.”


Justin Trudeau scolded supporters who heckled a reporter during a news conference in Montreal on Thursday.

“Hey! Hey! We have respect for journalists in this country,” Trudeau shouted. “They ask tough questions and they’re supposed to. OK?”



  • David

    I didn’t read it, was the idiot maurixio?

  • DMB

    If there is anyone who should be embarrassed is former Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion for endorsing Justin Trudeau who will become a reckless spender just like his provincial counterpart in Ontario Kathleen Wynne. McCallion is nothing more than a Liberal partisan hack who thinks it is not a problem to run huge deficits provincially and federally but maintain balanced budgets in Mississauga. Someone needs to tell her that she was acting like Steven Harper for bringing in balanced budgets in Mississauga. Just another do what I say and not what I do politician. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoTsne3QxM8

    • ontario john

      Gee, wasn’t it her son that was caught up in influence peddling while she was mayor? She sure makes an appropriate spokesperson for the liberals.

      • Clink9

        Only the wealthy can afford to vote Liberal.

      • Clausewitz

        Yes it was her son. She also passed herself off as a no tax increase conservative all these years. She felt that it was better not to raise property taxes because she felt that would make her look bad. What she did do however was to cut all kinds of programs in the city so that we were paying the same for less and less. Pretty much the same thing as raising taxes. Now she has her little arsekisser Bonnie Crombie as mayor, and the first things she did was to raised the assessed values on all houses in Mississauga, thus raising home property taxes between 20 and 30 percent, and secondly as of Jan 1, 2016 there will be a tax on rain. Just die already you senile, old corrupt coot.

    • mauser 98

      “water under the bridge”
      ..good point.. post this comment where ever possible

    • Waffle

      Hazel is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Maybe “old-timers” finally got to her?

      Anyway, my thoughts on Monday’s outcome:

      A Conservative minority with Bloc support against a Lib/NDP coalition (coup).

      The Dipsticks will be almost wiped out in Quebec and be replaced by the Bloc and Conservatives.

      There will always be a few NDP die-hards in the Edmonton area who are more than willing to go down with a sinking ship.

      Ontario will be the “x” factor, but I think enough people with their heads screwed on straight will not want to continue the misery and pain inflicted by the Polyester Princess, her henchmen and her poodles.

      So, vote early and vote often — don’t forget to wear your niqab!

    • Maggat

      No. You look scary.

      • pike bishop

        I want a second opinion.
        OK you’re ugly too.
        No respect I tell ya.

  • Pon Wup

    I don’t get it? Why should he be embarrassed? Rob Ford admitted his mistakes, he sought help. Why can’t Trudeau be generous enough to give the guy a second chance? He’s being divisive in his complete lack of magnanimity. He’s the one who should be embarrassed not only for his complete lack of magnanimity but also for associating with freaks like Chretien, Paul Martin, Kathleen Wynne, Gerald Butts, David Suzuki, and a long list of radical Muslims.

    • Alain

      No only that but Rob Ford’s mistakes were personal ones. Not a single one had to do with fraud, stealing public funds, or anything to do with fleecing the tax payers. Based solely on the Liberals’ track record they have been guilty of all of this.

    • Elephant in the Thread

      Disparaging Ford for drugs issues is hypocritical when he’s proposing legislation to legalize them.

      • andycanuck

        And has used them himself.

        BTW, I don’t think Justin has named his grass pushers something his candidate, Bill Blair, spent 100s of thousands on to discover about Mayor Ford.

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  • V10_Rob

    “Hey! Hey! We have respect for journalists in this country,” Trudeau
    shouted. “They ask tough questions and they’re supposed to. OK?”

    Tough questions like “Chocolate or vanilla?”

  • ontario john

    The CBC has been pushing the reason for the liberal scandal. Its that evil Harper’s fault. Yes that is explanation being pushed by the CBC all day. Because the liberal campaign manager for the liberals worked for the same lobby group as some conservatives, it must be Harper’s fault. And Trudeau has been trying to shift the corruption in his own party by somehow showing that the Fords showing up at a rally is worse. Good logic there bonehead. The greatest irony though was seeing the king of corruption Chretien defending Turdeau in Quebec today. His message was “forget about it people, its nothing”. I guess something like that is nothing to someone like Chretien.

    • If Harper does in fact get re-elected, and he doesn’t do something about the CBC, it’s the last time I’m voting Conservative (probably the last time I’m voting, period).

      The biggest issue for me is free speech because it’s at the root of all the other political maladies in this country. The Media mobbing of Rob Ford is a case in point. The State broadcaster supports only “Progressive” free speech and suppresses all others — the CBC is at the vanguard of speech repression and it affects the way that private media also behaves. Canada is worse than any other country in the Western hemisphere where free speech is concerned (excepting Communist Cuba and Venezuela). I lived under a Latin American military dictatorship once (albeit briefly) and I can honestly say that there was healthy public debate and complete freedom of the press under that dictatorship. 35 years ago right-wing military “banana” dictatorships had more free press than Canada does in 2015.

      • Maggat


        • Honduras — under the dictatorship of General Policarpo Paz Garcia. Probably not a perfect comparison because he was the most “benevolent dictator” you can imagine. The only reason he staged a military coup was to bring in democracy. And he kept his promise — within a year of seizing power democratic elections were held, the military was replaced by a civilian police force, and Honduras has been democratic ever since.

          BTW, I don’t know if anyone has noticed but Thomas Mulcair has railed against Harper at least twice during the debates for opening trade with Honduras — once the third poorest country in the Western hemisphere and the only one in Central America that successfully resisted the Marxist revolutions of the ’80’s. Every time the fascist commie Mulcair rails against Honduras I feel like breaking his teeth.

          • Maggat

            Venezuela is such a sorry mess, pity so many countries in Latin America are where they are. Good to hear about Honduras, light at the end of the tunnel.

          • Actually Honduras is a total disaster right now — probably worst situation in its entire history. Mexican and Colombian drug cartels have moved in — highest murder rate in the world, higher than Iraq and Afghanistan!

            Long story short, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez backed an attempted Marxist coup by Honduras’ former President — Zelaya. When Hondurans successfully resisted the coup with a democratic counter-coup, the Obama administration sided with the Marxists and Venezuela, turning the country upside down (2009). When “the elephant sneezes, we all catch cold”, hence the drug cartels took advantage of the ensuing chaos and set up shop. Something like 45,000 unaccompanied child refugees have fled the vicious drug gangs who forcibly recruit children.

    • pike bishop

      Junior was taking some hits on the CBC web-site today. I was shocked but I would guess that more than 50% were anti Liberal / Trudeau.

  • warrenzoell

    Justin Trudeau? Justin Bieber? Think about it.

    • Minicapt

      Bieber has proper tatts.


    • Clausewitz

      Never seen them together in the same room. Hmmmmm.

  • Trudeau can’t answer even simple questions, let alone tough ones. The above videos prove that.

    Coming from him and that party of his, this is all rich.

  • ontario john

    Mulcair won’t support the TPP because its a secret and Trudeau has reserved his decision until he sees it. Both were offered a meeting to see the details today and both rejected the meeting.

  • andycanuck

    I know it’s linked elsewhere at BCF but I’ll mention on this thread that Justin pretends to be a resident of Ontario for tax purposes rather than of Quebec. Let’s hope that helps the CPC (or Bloc) in the P.Q. just as the niqab debate has.

  • Inarguably

    Funny, Ford is a pariah, yet the little trust fund Marxist is front and center in photos at Toronto’s Gay Pride parade sitting next to Premier Katie McWynneguilty-who should be wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, with convicted pedophile Bennie Levin-Katie’s former deputy education minister sitting on his other side. Then again, Justin always gets a pass and can count on Media Party proctologists to cover his butt. ps. McCallion should have done time, several times over, for her conflict of interest real estate scams dating back to the 70s.