A Case For Banning Bank Tellers From Wearing Niqabs

Oh, the Narrative!

Should Canadians be required to deal with veiled bank tellers, airline flight attendants, police officers or even judges?

A major debate in this election has been about legislating the prohibition of face coverings, for citizenship oaths and working in the federal government. But the government could, as easily, ban face coverings in federally regulated industries, such as banks, airlines, the RCMP — or your local cable or telephone provider — taking the same position, as with the public sector, that Canadians should be able to see the faces of the tellers, airline check-in clerks or service workers with whom they have to interact. Even if such a law impacted upon only those employees who deal directly with the public. …

In Saudi Arabia, the most radical Wahhabist state in the world, where full-length chadors with niqabs are de rigueur, women have their passport photos taken — in every case, showing their full face. How then could anyone legitimately claim that they cannot remove it to become a Canadian citizen? …

This debate seems less about religion than about a clash of values. Most Canadians believe that they should be able to interact with others without a face veil, since so much of communication in our society is visual. A person is obviously free to cover their face in their non-working life or in contexts that are not customer-facing, but whose values should be paramount in the workplace? To what extent are employees free to impose an individual preference, if it is not genuinely a religious requirement, upon others? That’s where the real debate lies, and it shouldn’t be silenced by religious-freedom arguments that may not even be genuine.

  • mauser 98

    this is why

    • Shebel

      Is that a new Canadian Citizen ?

      • mauser 98

        ask Mulcair

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  • Martin B

    Is there a limit to the outrageous demands that Muzz can make in the name of religious freedom? Is there any line at which the rest of Canada can just say No? How are infidel judges supposed to judge what is or is not a genuine religious requirement of Islam in the first place? Neither Mad Tom nor Shiny Pony will ever answer these questions, but that won’t stop them from calling you a Nazi if you want to ban niqabs.

  • In the article, there is chatter about the Charter but the most damning part, I think, is that not even Saudi Arabia would support face coverings for identification.

    • Alain

      I won’t bother checking out the chatter, since my health is my first priority. Hopefully someone has pointed out that wearing a mask is not included as a right in the charter, and since this is not even an Islamic requirement but an Arab cultural practice to protect their property, it is not a right covered in Trudeau’s charter.

      • Trudeau Pere was a slippery eel. One can be assured that he would twist the law to make it so.

        • Alain

          Actually as horrible as he was I do not believe he would have endorsed this. He even admitted that the courts were abusing the intentions of his charter. He certainly would not have hesitated about invoking the not withstanding clause in cases he did not like.

          • I believe he would have. He was, after all, a supporter of Islamism’s ugly cousin, communism.

  • DMB
    • shasta

      Good to know!

  • Frances

    It should be simple: she is allowed to wear the veil; I am allowed to ask to deal with someone whose face I can see. Otherwise, she has all the power: able to accuse me of anything while I can’t even identify my accuser.

  • Shebel

    I don’t know how much our Leaders think that we must Give – to appease Islam ?

    They won’t even talk about it.
    At some point —Even the most Peaceable among us— will need some guide rules.
    The Lawsuits are getting ‘Far-OUT”.

  • Alain

    As far as I am concerned I refuse to deal or even acknowledge anyone wearing a mask of any kind. No one can force me to do otherwise, the government included.

    • mauser 98

      The Sun King thinks different

      • Shebel

        And the really good thing is that that all LOVE us and want to help us.

      • Gary

        Just wait until a suicide bomber is under that Niqab and uses it to go Jihad near a Politicians or inside the SCOC.

        • mauser 98

          they will go after a soft target.. women, children

          they don’t have guns

  • Shebel

    Am I supposed to walk into a bank and hand my cash over to someone wearing a Mask?

    I know that banks are pretty crooked -but- this is crazy.

  • Exile1981

    Actually most banks have a rule about clothing to prevent tellers from palming bills.

    Wearing a giant potato sack would make it easier to steal $$$.

  • tom_billesley

    Tellers and bank robbers both wearing masks. That’s equitable.

  • reidjr

    If the golden boy wins and says face coverings should be allowed that’s fine but you then have to give people the choice to refuse being served by a full face covering muslim.

  • Dana Garcia

    If I’m forced to talk to a person in a mask, I assume I’m being robbed.

  • Gary

    This looks so good on the Bank Of Montreal because back in 2009 they started their segregated Human Resources dept. for non-heterosexuals as part of the BMO-PRIDE Policy they forced on employees to also support the PRIDE parade and donate to the BMO Foundation that meted out money to Gay causes.
    The work areas for employees had started a Safe-zone for gays to be free of homophobic slurs or co-workers.
    Wow , so now BMO has pro-sharia homophobic jew-haters that are anti-Canada in Niqabs that I have no doubt will be allowed to demand that they DON’T work next to heebs, queers and filthy Christians.

    I cut off ties with BMO when their Lawyer mocked me for condemning how they endorsed PRIDE during the time there were 2 Pro-hamas/Sharia groups in it while Hamas was brutally murdering gays in gaza , this on top of my compliant that their “Foundation” Charity gave money to both gay causes and Children’s causes while PRIDE had those naked males exposing them self in public knowing children were their since the TDSB and Mayor Miller promoted it as a Family Event.
    I told their Lawyer that I accept that BMO chose to condone child-abuse by quasi-pedophiles and condone the pro-hamas groups in the PRIDE parade by funding it and forcing employees to endorse is as well.
    But I don’t have to do business with them and was closing up my Account and stop using Matercard . I didn’t have a Mortgage with them so they couldn’t
    hold that over my head like an axe to shut me up.

    I now boycott several of the Corps that are sponsors for PRIDE while PRIDE still condone the naked males and child abuse that the Police are ordered to allow .