‘The West Gives Legitimacy to Terror Against Jews’

“The current escalation of both terrorism and violence leaves many people with a kind of fundamental question: why is this happening?,” posed Gold.

“If you look in Jeruaslem and you try and find motivation,” he said, a recent research poll has shown that “a plurality of the Palestinian population living in eastern Jerusalem would prefer to live under Israeli rule.”

Citing this fact, he argued that “it isn’t that people are seeking some significant change in political arrangement.”

  • The biggest problem with Islam is that it takes its direction from a small minority, of radically fanatical, religious, bottom feeders.

    • Much like the left

    • Exile1981

      Recent polls and studies have shown the radical element in islam is over 25% and in england over 50%

  • Hard Little Machine

    Islam is why neutron bombs were invented.