State Dept confronted over Israel criticism in light of Afghan bombing

State Dept. left dumbstruck when confronted over criticism of Israel in light of Afghan hospital shelling

h/t AE

  • Double standards – when it comes to Israel, all its false friends (US, UN, France, UK, etc.) are quick to blame it and criticize it, but when they do something similar, they are full of excuses for themselves. Evil.

  • Clausewitz

    Had an Uncle who landed on Juno Beach on June 6th. He seems to remember that the 2nd most dangerous thing on the battlefield were American Tactical support pilots.

    • Gary

      The joke is also that when RAF flies over …… the Germans duck and go for cover, when the German air force flies over the Brits they duck and go for cover……..when the US planes fly over the Brits Germans both duck and go for cover.

  • Ed

    Conservatives are hard wired to always be on the defensive and anticipate hostile interactions with the press. These guys are pathetically accustomed to the kid glove treatment, and when an accidental act of journalism breaks out, they’re flummoxed.