Overnight Thread…

I have a Turkey Hangover…

Been a brutally busy day, am just dead on my feet. Back soon.

But some good news… We switched to the Blazingcatfur.ca URL on Sept 25 last year.

A year over year comparison of Jan 1 through Sept 24 2014 to Jan 1 through Sept 24 2015 reveals an increase of 514,695 unique views, that’s roughly a comparison of 3/4 of the year.

So from Jan 1 2014 to Sept 24 2014 we clocked 1,773,136 unique views on the old blogspot.com URL.

And from Jan 1 2015 to Sept 24 2015 we clocked 2,287,831 unique views on Blazingcatfur.ca.

Not bad at all. Thank you all and thanks to my co-bloggers.

Now Janis Joplin… Piece of my heart