Legacy media dies, is reborn as Pravda?

First some fun, a current death rattle about inequality in breakfast sandwiches:

Washington Post foodie and SJW laments inequality of breakfast sandwiches:

And yet here was a trendy new spot, readying itself to sell fancy pants egg sandwiches at four times the normal price. That is, for as much as $11.50.

Wells’s angst was the angst of anyone who feels queasy about the upscalification (yes, that’s a made-up word) of anything originally made by and for the working class

Stephen Kruiser responds at Tatler:

I would like to assure the special snowflake charged with fighting the goo McMuffin fight that there isn’t a rational human being on the planet experiencing any “angst” about breakfast sandwiches, expensive or not.

It takes a special type of person to really appreciate the struggles of the legacy media to stay relevant to a world that doesn’t need them.

Now to business: Why the Media Party acts like the Liberals’ PR firm

The bad news for big media is due to the digital revolution, not to the fact that they are progressives (= whatever the question, government is the answer.)

Not at all. Society is moving swiftly in their direction, and stragglers can just be bullied along.

Rather, they are unnecessary. Anyone who wishes can now build their own news network, consisting perhaps of the South China Morning Post, Hurriyet Daily (news from Turkey in English), and the Irish Times. Sometimes that is derisively called the “Daily Me.”

Some may deride, but increasing numbers of people prefer it to the “Daily Them.” More.

They need a job and progressive politicians need PR/propaganda firms. Match made in heaven, or in some other unearthly place.