Kenney takes aim at the Justin Trudeau brand in last days of election

Largely away from the spotlight of Stephen Harper’s national campaign, Jason Kenney is running another one.

While Harper is focused on turning Canadians off the Liberals’ economic policies, Kenney is going after something else — the power of the Justin Trudeau brand.

And he’s doing it not in the warehouses or plants where Harper holds his events, but in banquet halls, along buffet lines and on stage with Bollywood stars as part of the ongoing Conservative effort to capture and retain the so-called ethnic vote.

  • Alain

    More misleading and biased “reporting” here, and clearly those commenting also have a serious case of HDS. Good for Jason Kenny.

    • The Globe is getting pretty bad.

      • Clausewitz

        And Global, CTV, CBC, Corus broadcasting network, and of course the star. I see good old Witch Hazel is finally showing her true colours after claiming all of those years she was a conservative.