Everyone’s favourite Islamic failed state…

Pakistan: Christian family accused of blasphemy and attacked for drinking from mosque tap

Calls to fight hate speech after attack on Pakistani Ahmadis

Pakistan isolates Aasia Bibi after security fears

Police arrests Christian youth under blasphemy on denying to pay extortion money

Activists welcome release of Pakistani Christian accused of blasphemy (Note – this is likely not a good news story, those released after blasphemy charges are often murdered by devout Muslims shortly after being granted “freedom”)

  • eMan14

    Pakistan. The fun holiday land where nothing can go wrong… go wrong… go wrong.

  • WalterBannon

    Pakistan sucks. It should be nuked.

    • mobuyus

      The imbeciles will probably nuke themselves.

  • dukestreet

    Pakistani Christians accused of blasphemy should be offered asylum before they are released from prison along with immediate family.

  • Seneca III

    I object to the constant use of the phrase ‘failed Islamic State’. By Muslim standards it is a highly successful and accompished part of the global slavery project according to the instructions from their sky fairy as relayed to them by a seventh century paedophile savage.

    Planet Earth would have a far more viable future if Pakistan and its incumbent sub-human vermin were totally eradicated and the ground where they perpetuate their abominable existence salted and seared beyond the possibility of human habitation for all time to come.