UK: Police hunt for family of 7 who ‘fled to Turkey’

Police are appealing for information to trace a missing family of seven who they believe have travelled to Turkey.

Imran Ameen, 39, his wife, Farzana Ameen, 40, and their five children aged between five and 15 were last seen on October 5.

The family, from Bradford, were reported missing to police earlier today.


They should encourage more of this.

  • Martin B

    If every Mohammedan family fled to Turkey, Britons could wake up to a whole new country. Billions of pounds saved, millions fewer women & girls raped & groomed…there is no end to the blessings that would flow from no more Muzz.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      That’s the judo.
      We have to find a way of letting them think they want to go.
      Instead of us making them go.

      • tom_billesley

        Just free word association, but I’m thinking mosques and bulldozers.
        Let the mosques of the Middle East beckon them.

  • Rosenmops

    Maybe the UK government should offer financial incentives for this sort of thing. It would be a damned good investment as long as they make sure the goat humpers can’t return ever.

    • Dana Garcia

      Absolutely. It would be money well spent.

    • occupant 9

      The police should only be trying to find concrete evidence that they left, then study the situation and find the real reasons they left in order to create a national campaign along the same inspirational lines.

  • Frances

    Just revoke all passports and don’t let them back.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    With big families, they can make a lot of bomblets.

  • Blacksmith

    Good that they left, bad that money is being wasted to find them.

  • tom_billesley

    Rehan Ameen, brother of Imran Ameen, has also gone “missing”.

    Why waste police resources on this until they try to return? It wouldn’t bother me if half of Bradford went missing as long as they stopped receiving welfare.