Think Reports of How ISIS Treats Women Are Too Awful to Be True? Think Again

“I have always been interested in the Middle East, specifically the Syrian conflict. In early summer 2014, as part of my master’s dissertation, I went to Lebanon to work with the United Nations. I was still there when the Islamic State group, commonly known as ISIS, struck Iraq.”

  • Islamic theology is the root cause of the problem.

    The non-Muslim world needs to force a reformation on Islam or this horror will continue.

    Western progressive/liberals only succeed in prolonging these atrocities by making excuses for Islam.

    Islamic theology creates a killing cult. It manifests itself in a docile population, unwilling to speak up, and with murderous thug groups like ISIS who inforce hell on earth.

    Islam is a collective social pathology. It’s unique structure deceives the casual observer into believing it is a “religion”.

    Read my thesis on how it works at: http://islamsfatalflaw.blogspo