The Consequences of Mayhem

As bad as the situation in Israel seemed yesterday, Tuesday began with even more Palestinian terror that sent shock waves through the country. A pair of terrorists entered a Jerusalem bus and stabbed and shot passengers, killing two and wounding many more until police stopped them. Elsewhere in the city another Jew was killed by a Palestinian terror attack that drove a car onto a crowded sidewalk and then attempted to finish his victims off with a knife. There were also more stabbings in the city of Ra’anana. But while the details of the attacks vary, the dynamic is clear. These are for all intents and purposes suicide attacks that are motivated by religious fervor.

  • Everyone Else

    mayhem created now by erdogan to get the bombing of kurds off the front page

    the word is given to a handful of imams to detonate their waiting jihadis

    • Blacksmith

      Makes sense.

  • Blacksmith

    The only way to fix it is to end pisslam IMO.

  • Islam is just a giant system where incitement is the standard operating procedure used to encourage murder and mayhem towards non-Muslims.

    Close the mosques. Arrest the mullahs. Make incitement a significant crime.