Palestinian terror. A new chapter, or same old story?

During the last week, Israelis have experienced a relentless wave of attacks by Palestinians. Dozens of incidents have led to five Israeli fatalities with many more innocent civilians being injured and traumatised.

These have been described as ‘lone wolf’ attacks, given that they seem to lack any central planning and have been committed with apparent spontaneity.

  • The Israel government is far too weak still – hesitating, talking, instead of hitting the Arabs very hard. They should invade the territories under PA control, arrest the leaders and deport them or shoot them if they resist at all in any way.

    Imagine, the UN Secretary criticizes Israel for using force to defend itself, while not even mentioning Palestinian terror let alone expressing disapproval for it. There is no sense in being diplomatic anymore in today’s world order.

    There is no power without use of power.

    • WalterBannon

      they should exterminate the muslims

      • No, can’t do that. But they must expel them en masse.

  • David Murrell

    There must be a lot of cheering at the New York Times and the White House.

    • WalterBannon

      and in Justin Trudeau’s house

  • Norman_In_New_York

    A similar dynamic held 13 years ago when the suicide bombers took a far higher toll than this pack of lone wolves. At that time, the government was also criticized for a weak response until one atrocious bombing pushed it into effective action. Just as then, the government will end up doing the right thing after all other alternatives have been tried.

    • Yes, as I recall it took them a year and a half or two to make up their frigging minds – but the moment they decided to do the job, it only took them a week or so to stop the 2nd Intifada by invading the Arab towns and villages. Meanwhile, tons of Jews were victims of bombs, etc. Stupid. Israel needs to act immediately and come down hard on the Arabs.

  • Bill

    In other words, pandemic waves of packs of lone wolf attacks. Each attack having motivations that are seemingly completely opaque to the MSM’s reasoning and reporting – although they hint that ‘Islamaphobia’ might be the trigger that causes peaceful people to become violent.