ISIS launches chilling call for ‘HOLY WAR’ aimed at US and Russian ‘crusaders’

ISLAMIC STATE terrorists have called on Muslims around the world to launch a “holy war” against the West over the continued aerial bombardment of jihadi targets in Syria.

In a chilling audio message released this evening, twisted militants urged Islamic extremists across the globe to “ignite jihad” against Russians and Americans.

“Islamic youth everywhere, ignite jihad against the Russians and the Americans in their crusaders’ war against Muslims,” the speech by Islamic State spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani said.

While the 40-minute recording does not directly call for attacks on US soil, it suggests the threat of attacks on Western targets is likely to grow.

  • Xavier

    Just as we have given mass murderers the upper hand domestically, we have given groups like ISIS the upper hand overseas. They will never stop unless we are willing to use their own belief system against them. Killing them is not enough because they do not fear death – they must learn to fear us at the peril of their immortal souls. That means changing the rules that western civilization uses to wage warfare. Otherwise, we are doomed.

  • Alain

    News flash: Islam has been conducting a “holy” war on all no believers from the time of its birth. Way past time to give Muslims the same in kind.

  • irishrus

    squeaky oil gets the attention…Putin gives it to em