Former CSIS analyst on homegrown terrorism and Islamic doctrine

The Globe & Mail conducted an interview with Phil Gurski an ex CSIS analyst about his new book, The Threat From Within.

This was one of the questions to Gurski: You write that fundamentalist imams in Canada should be challenged.

Here’s Gurski’s answer…

Even if we’re not talking about terrorism, if we’re talking about small pockets of society that will basically advocate intolerance and rejection of other parts of society, do we want a country like that? What the [fundamentalist preachers] do is they are very intolerant and rejectionist of other Muslims, let alone non-Muslims. I think we have an obligation to challenge this, to argue against this.

At least someone thinks like we do;)

  • Good to know just how bad CSIS analysts are. Everything Gurski says may be true, but he fails to mention the extreme violence of this brand of Islam. And he doesn’t like calling them “terrorists”. Instead, he blames the problem on the fact that they think they are “the one true religion”.

    Most religions believe they are “the one true religion”. But they don’t go blowing up everybody else who doesn’t believe the same.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Argue with idiots? Good luck with that, Sahib…”challenged”? With what? A pillowfight?

  • Ron MacDonald

    They should be put on the next plane back to the shit-hole they came from,

    • Blacksmith

      If they were shot first you could stack them like cord wood, and save fuel. It is a green solution!