David Cameron returns…

The real David Cameron that is, the mealy-mouthed one, that speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Now Muslims are a special category of victim.

David Cameron Dhimmi

Hate crime rises by fifth, official figures show

Hate crime reported to the police jumped by nearly a fifth last year to more than 52,000 incidents, new official figures have shown.

Home Office figures disclosed an 18 per cent rise in the offences in 2014/15, up from just under 44,500 in the previous 12 months.

The majority, 82 per cent, were race hate incidents, while just under 5,600 surrounded a victim’s sexual orientation. Six per cent, or 3,254, were religion hate crimes.

It comes as David Cameron announces that anti-Muslim attacks were being recorded as a specific category in crime statistics as part of his bid to build a “national coalition” to tackle extremism in the UK.

Although that work has not yet come into force, the new figures included an analysis of data in the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) showing Muslims were more likely to be victims of race hate than other groups.

The CSEW estimated there were 103,000 religiously-motivated crimes last year – a higher figure than police crime statistics because it includes offences not reported to forces….”


Oh that’s great, no doubt they’ll be reporting “crimes” as relayed by the likes of “Tell Mama” defunded for grossly inflating alleged anti-Muslim hate crimes.

Then there is the unspoken…   the tensions that do exist are the direct result of the crimes perpetrated by the political class on Great Britain, namely unfettered immigration from hostile cultures.