Cracked Gets Whacked

“Who the hell is David Wong?”

I asked that at my blog back in September 2007.

I’d just read a pretty impressive essay called “7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You Miserable.” Well observed and wise in its own offhand way, it wasn’t the sort of thing I’d expected to stumble upon at, of all places,, where “Wong” (real name: Jason Pargin) was a writer and editor.

  • kkruger71

    Pretty much gave up on that site about two years ago. No one single thing, but just a cumulative effect of more and more articles where the premise and the punchline were “This is what conservatives actually think! LOL! Aren’t they stupid?”. Got to the point where more and more often I would leave the site feeling irritated and in the mood for a debate rather than entertained, which was my initial reason for going.
    Still pop in once every couple months and glance though the list of articles to see if there are any that might interest me, occasionally I will find one or two.

    • Katyn

      Very much so. Including things changing about two years ago. J.F. Sargent, whoever he is, came on line and the whole site swung very progressive, social justice and irritating. It’s why I don’t bother with Salon, although in its beginnings a decade and a half ago they actually put out articles of real substance.