Steep decline in young people who value democracy

From In Other News,

Rome, Oct.2015 – The last world survey on the strength of democracy went totally ignored, except for the New York Times, which did publish a special report. And yet the World Values Survey, a respected research association with the United Nations, conducted the survey and the data of the 2015 survey are extremely worrying.

In the United States, the number of Americans who approve the idea of “having the arm rule”, has gone from one in 15, in 1995, to one in six. And while, among those born before World War II, a strong 72% assigned living in a democracy the highest value on a scale of one to ten, for those born after 1980, less than 30% did.

The proportion of Europeans was scarcely greater at 32%, among those also born after 1980. And it was even smaller in Eastern Europe (24%.). The main concerns were the level of income, a secure job, a possible pension, all of which rated as more important than the type of regime under which to live.

I blame the universities.

But actually, it is not so simple. In an age of growing dependence on government, people just wanna be looked after. Freedom doesn’t mean freedom of speech, it means free pot.

A century ago, few Canadians, for example, depended on government for food, clothing and shelter, so governments that presumed to tell them what to think were far more naturally seen as an imposition.

Non-STEM university students are mostly just trainee ‘crats now …  and look what kind of role model they are getting.

Hat tip: Pos-Darwinista