Skeptical Climate Change Is Real? These 20 Academics Think You Should Be Prosecuted.

Are you skeptical of human-caused global warming or climate change like many respected scientists and climate experts? Then you should be prosecuted like a Mafia mob boss, according to 20 academics at ivory towers like Columbia, Rutgers, and the University of Washington.

  • Xavier

    They think I should be prosecuted? Even Steven, then.

    • The only people acting like Mafiosi here are these academics. Think about it for a moment: they’re threatening people with corporal punishment — JAIL — unless they get on board with paying a “protection tax” for some sort of future global climate catastrophe that only they can prevent.

      I think we need to call in the IRS and have them investigate the entire global Climate Change thing as a possible Ponzi scheme. We were already brought to the brink of world-wide recession a few years ago because of the mortgage and housing, hedge funds, etc. schemes. We can’t risk another recession because of another group of scam artists manipulating the financial sector on a global level.

      The IRS needs to fully examine the global climate catastrophe claim and the financial model behind it as a possible extortion-driven Ponzi scheme.

  • pike bishop

    Albertans are already being prosecuted by the warm socialists. To see the people that supply heat and light to the inhabitants of the coldest country in the world being treated like shit only hardens my position.

  • Gary

    Today I was talking to a Neighbour and the brought up the Early voting station as a way to open the door to dump their $hit on me about Harper and then promote the NDP since Justin is so far from Pierre’s Liberal Party that he’s wants to cut off some of the Universal benefits for now for the rich which means that he might deny Health Care to the 1%er’s too.

    But what really turned me off about these types that think people give a damn about their opinions , but what was worse……… they linked today’s nice weather to Global Warming and said that a Christian relative they talk to at these Dinners thinks the Earth is only 10,000 years old and they believe in Creationism.
    So now it looks like we are forced to embrace Same-sex marriage, Trans-gender rights( tolerate their whines and annoying self-hatred in public) , Global warming , Choice , Gov Day Care , evolution and other Leftist Liberal progressive causes pounded into the brains of kids in school.
    God help us if Ontario’s Liberals and Justin’s Federal Liberal party have that many supporters with only 1 perception of reality that the State will impose on everyone and maybe tied it to Social services or Government Employment.

    I will say this though, while I have always leaned towards Earth being a Galactic Botany Bay where a creational experiment for bipeds failed big time and we were dropped off here to slaughter each other while it had morphed over the years to the Adam and Eve story…….. there are those in the NDP and Liberal Party’s that make me lean toward us coming from Apes.

  • ntt1

    here comes liberal fascism. and its voice will be that of the automated grocery checkout robots. have a nice day.

  • Everyone Else

    I read that letter (link below) and this is what those idiots say:

    “The stability of the Earth’s climate over the past ten thousand years contributed to the growth of agriculture and therefore, a thriving human civilization. We are now at high risk of seriously destabilizing the Earth’s climate”.

    So the stability contributed to growth and population increase … therefore further stability will lead to even more growth and population increase.

    However continued growth and population increase is unsustainable and will lead to catastrophic failure … therefore stability is inherently destabilizing.

    So by their own logic instability would be good and we NEED climate change, in the same way that a healthy forest ecosystem needs forest fires.