Muslims conquering the heartland

No place is safe from the long arm of Islamic supremacy as Muslims seek to dominate every aspect of our culture. And they do so even when they are in the minority, as when most recently Muslim students at Wichita State University (WSU) managed to apply enough leverage (not that it takes much these days) to turn the university chapel into a Muslim-friendly prayer space = mosque.


Every effort to insinuate the Islamic cult’s beliefs into the public sphere needs to be resisted.

  • Millie_Woods

    No surprise there. Most universities are effortlessly converting from socialist occupied territory to islamic occupied territory. The two ideologies have a lot in common.

  • Martin B

    Christians need to learn their lesson. If they want to keep the Muzz out of their space, use Muzz repellent: slather the pews & altar with bacon grease, spill some wine, adopt a pot bellied pig as the chapel mascot, etc.

    • Gary

      Bacon bits on the carpet will stick to their shoes and maybe be carried home of to a real mosque to affect more of them.
      Plus a strip of bacon to rubs between your hands will be enough to smear the door knobs , then on the shoulder areas of your vinyl coat so when they push you around you can tell that later on it’s on their hands .

      We are lucky in Canada right now, the muslim population as an % is still under the level where the terrorism becomes the norm along with rape gangs and a beheading in public to the infidel .
      The global barbarism and slaughtering inspired by the quran is making it pretty pathetic for CAIR and the CBC to keep excusing it away as a FEW
      bad apples…….muhammad appears to have the whole damn orchard made up of toxic trees where eating its fruit is getting people killed.

      The SCOC Judges won’t wake-up and smell flogging until a suicide-bomber in a Niqab goes into the Court building to go Jihad and turned about 6 of the 9 wealthy white liberals in ground beef dripping from the walls .

  • “Every effort to insinuate the Islamic cult’s beliefs into the public sphere needs to be resisted.”

  • FactsWillOut

    …and people call to the government to stop this, when it is in fact the government that encourages it and makes resistance illegal.

  • Gary

    Look at how muslims in Toronto and Maple had played the victims as a Minority in a Public to get a itsy bitsy prayer space that won’t hurt anyone on Friday ……….but once the majority they DEMANDED a Gym be made a Mosque while the other public school had the Cafeteria made into a Mosque .

    The Human Rights Commissions have far too many dolts on staff because someone had to have made a free will choice to give a Death-Cult the equal status in the Charter to a Religion for the special treatment in schools and the workplace.