Muslim leaders fear public awareness of Islam want Geert Wilders stopped from visiting Australia

Seven Australian Muslim leaders have met with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to request that a controversial Dutch politician’s Australian visa be revoked.

The anti-Islamic politician is set to visit Perth to launch the new Australian Liberty Alliance political party, which he inspired.

During their meeting with the Prime Minister, the leaders compared Mr Wilders’ proposed trip to Australia with the case of American singer Chris Brown, who was this month denied a visa due to domestic violence charges in the past.

  • David Murrell

    With the new prime minister the Australians may not allow Wilders in.

    • Brett_McS

      He already has had his visa approved. Interesting to see what results from the Turnbull meeting.

    • Seneca III

      Whatever. It looks as if the seventh century retards are getting rattled by the sounds of resistance. Even if the Dhimmi politicians ban Geert the point is made. One day at a time, guys, one day and one step at a time until the serious social work begins throughout the West. The only unknown at this point in time is where it will crack off first.

      So, when the time comes, and it’s not far off, help clean up planet earth and do unto Muslims as they intend to do unto you – only do it first and do it with a ferocity they haven’t experienced since the last of many times that they have tried it on. Simples!

  • Brett_McS

    Chris Brown was refused a visa because he beat his wife. Why would the Imams have a problem with that? He’s obviously half way to becoming a good Muslim.

  • pdxnag

    Why do they work themselves into such a frenzy trying to hide the contents of their ideology from the general public? This does not square with taking pride in it. Unless recognition of the open and hostile sedition inherent to Islam leads to mass expulsion of all Muslims (no lesser solution will do).

    • Bill

      Well, they don’t want to spook the herd, before the herd is rounded up in the pens at the slaughterhouse. After all, the Taliban is proud of what it does, ISIS is proud of what it does, and Saudi Arabia is proud of what it does under Sharia – inside the areas they control.