‘Kick out the extremists among you’: Netanyahu accuses Arab leaders of stoking violence after rash of stabbings

JERUSALEM — Palestinians carried out three stabbings Monday in Jerusalem, leaving a teenage Israeli boy in critical condition, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu angrily accused the country’s Arab leaders of helping incite weeks of violence. Two of the attackers, both teenage boys, were killed.

In a fiery speech at parliament, Netanyahu accused Arab parties of “undermining” the country. He called on Israel’s Arab citizens to “kick out the extremists among you.”

  • Waffle

    I keep shaking my head at the fact that the CJN continually fails to report news like this, instead preferring to fill their pages with fee-good “puff” pieces about Jewish baseball players and cat-walking dogs that raise money for volunteer activities at Baycrest.

    While both topics are interesting, filling valuable space and trying to catch the interest of short attention span readers only furthers the appalling ignorance and comatose state of Canadian Jews and provides fodder for anti-semitic activists (both Jewish and not) who continually snipe from the sidelines.

  • Alain

    Sorry but he is wasting his time. Time for him to start dealing effectively with Arab violence. This is once again an Islamic war against non Muslims, in this case Jews. Start killing every single one who chooses violence and they will quickly learn that terrorism does not pay. Israel of all countries should know by now that appeasement does not work and only signifies weakness for the Muslims.