ISIS sinks to a new low: Yazidi widow reveals how terror group’s doctors murdered her wounded husband

ISIS ‘doctors’ are murdering patients in their care with poison injections if they suspect them to be anti-jihadist, the bereaved wife of one of their victims has revealed.

Parishan, 25, an escaped Yazidi slave, told MailOnline how her husband Nasser was murdered by twisted physicians who abandoned the Hippocratic Oaths to protect and heal people at the terror group’s command.

Murdering hospital patients in cold blood adds to the growing body of evidence of the terror group’s medieval depravity that includes brutal massacres, sick executions and wholesale sexual slavery.

ISIS, in their bid to build a Caliphate, or state, have often boated of their modern medical facilities and doctors. But Parishan’s harrowing story shows that behind the glossy propaganda videos of an Islamic State Health Service, fanatical killers lurk in white doctors’ coats.

  • ontario john

    But Trudeau says helping the Yazidi and Christians first is disgusting. We must ensure proper WiFi access to muslim refugees in Germany first.

    • Trudeau is an idiot.

      • Icebow

        Something a little Gollumesque about him.

      • DMB

        Idiot is not nearly strong enough of a word to describe him!

        • Justin St.Denis

          Would “dolt” do?

          • DMB

            Also a pathetic buffoon would do to describe Justin.

  • Icebow

    How surprising of pure evil. Mengele showed them the way, though they needed no showing.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Western trained doctors, they had better pay the price when this is over.

  • ntt1

    while not as depraved, medicins sans frontiers has been aiding and abetting the enemy for years . this is a collection of hard lefty doctors determined to bolster up treatment of the enemies of the west. Their wholesale embrace of the taliban got a dozen or so killed in afghanistan recently CBC was outraged of course

    • marty_p

      Years ago most Jews/Israelis figured out what medicins sans froniters were all about. I still remember the Lebanon wars and interviews on CBC with physicians spewing anti-Israel rhetoric as they patched up Palestinian terrorists. I actually feel sorry for the hapless teens fundraising on Yonge Street in Toronto who approach me for a donation to Medicins Sans Frontiers who have to listen to my tirade that they are fundraising for a pro-terrorist, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel organization. After all they are just minimum wage earning lackeys trying to make money. However, I have to tell them the truth about the group they are representing.

  • ontario john

    But good news for muslims in Canada! Canada’s favorite muslim journalist Mohammed is back in Canada. The media is excited and a full page ad was in the Star on a worship session about him to be held. And even more exciting the CBC is excited that Mohammed will be holding a news conference tomorrow on how Harper is evil for not helping him enough. I’m sure every news outlet in the country will be here. Praise Allah!!

  • DMB

    ISIS thirst for blood is unquenchable. No judge or jury for them only an executioner is need to deal with them.