ISIS sinks to a new low: Yazidi widow reveals how terror group’s doctors murdered her wounded husband

ISIS ‘doctors’ are murdering patients in their care with poison injections if they suspect them to be anti-jihadist, the bereaved wife of one of their victims has revealed.

Parishan, 25, an escaped Yazidi slave, told MailOnline how her husband Nasser was murdered by twisted physicians who abandoned the Hippocratic Oaths to protect and heal people at the terror group’s command.

Murdering hospital patients in cold blood adds to the growing body of evidence of the terror group’s medieval depravity that includes brutal massacres, sick executions and wholesale sexual slavery.

ISIS, in their bid to build a Caliphate, or state, have often boated of their modern medical facilities and doctors. But Parishan’s harrowing story shows that behind the glossy propaganda videos of an Islamic State Health Service, fanatical killers lurk in white doctors’ coats.