Don’t trust Trudeau on carbon pricing #elxn42

Suppose a leader of one of Canada’s national political parties was campaigning on a promise to raise the GST without saying by how much.

Would such a leader be worthy of our trust?

If not, then Canadians should know this is exactly what Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is doing in relation to his vow to impose a national carbon pricing scheme on them.

  • ontario john

    Watched the documentary on Wynne last night. What a corrupt paranoid nutbar. Her deputy premier states we are broke, they have to sell Ontario Hydro to pay the bills, Ontario pays one billion dollars a month in interest payments on loans and she rigs the Sudbury byelection. Then of course Trudeau shows up to offer his sympathy about the scandal and asks for her advice on running the country. Yes, that’s right, now that the elites have conned the peasants into making Trudeau our next PM, all of Canada can enjoy the Wynne treatment. I can only imagine what the part time drama teacher will promise Obama when he rushes down there as promised.

    • mauser 98

      $1.2 billion for not building gas plants then cuts doctors pay/fee rates

    • David Murrell

      Exactly. And this is a good posted editorial by the Sun. Polls are indicating that voters will be choosing Justin Trudeau, next week, as our new prime minister. Over and above the celebratory words — next week, from our media establishment — the cold reality is that we will be hit with a new national carbon tax.

      Ugh! And it will help destroy our western-based energy industry. And such a tax is regressive, and will hit low-income families the hardest. The fix is in.

      • mauser 98

        media, polls had Dipsters in first place few weeks ago

      • Polls and seat projections are different beasts.

        Plus I am having a hard time taking the Nanos poll seriously.

        • David Murrell

          Hope your right!!

        • Ron MacDonald

          I was once a participant in a Nanos forum, it was dominated by Liberals and Progressives. I don’t believe anything posted by Nanos.

          • Clausewitz

            Same here. Most of the lefties didn’t even know who was responsible for what services under the BNA Act. They just wanted bigger government and less freedom.

        • Clink9

          I went to vote the other day at noon when it opened. There was a big line up of fellow angry whites. Half hour wait to vote.

          Here’s hoping the silent majority show up.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Tell me more.

          • Clink9

            Seems like the advance polls are busier than usual. I hope it’s people rejecting Lord Turdo and Tommy Commy.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I can’t figure out the polls this time around.
          And there seems to be fewer.

  • mauser 98

    therefore: a Premier Strapon carbon tax + a Big Hair carbon tax ?
    neither gives an amount or schedule for this

    • David Murrell

      Media reports say Justin will only impose the tax on those provinces not having the tax. So Quebec, BC and Ontario will not face a second tax. All three large provinces are run by Liberal governments, by the way.

      • Alex

        How very liberal of him: drag the successful provinces like Saskatchewan down to the level of such economic basket cases as Ontario. Wouldn’t want them to start thinking they’re better than the rest of us, would we?

        The Liberal election slogan should be something like “Let’s all get poor together!” or how about “Uniting Canadians through Poverty”?

        • David Murrell

          I am thinking, with Western Canada already in an energy recession, any new carbon tax will make the recession all the worse. I was a junior economist in Ottawa way back in 1980,and I had to write about the effects of Pierre Trudeau’s NEP policy on the Alberta economy. It wasn’t pretty back then.

          It is surprising how few are talking about this now. Perhaps it is because Premier Notley will conspire with Trudeau Jr. to hurt her province all the more.

          • mauser 98

            Trudeau Sr. was afraid to put one foot in Alberta after NEP.
            i don’t think the Mounties would let him… security risk

            those old enough are still pissed

          • Clausewitz

            My Masters Thesis was on how Alberta would be the first to leave confederation due to Liberal Energy policies.

      • Clausewitz

        Yeah, far be it that a Liberal would ever lie to us. Is he going to sign a pledge that he wont raise taxes just like McGuinty? The first thing that Liberal liar did was impose the $1000 + health care premium.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Trudeau isn’t nothing put a puppet controlled by the Progressive movement, if elected prime minister, he will do as instructed.

  • eMan14

    Much of the Ontario electorate is blissfully ignorant. That’s how we got Wynne. That’s how we might get idiot Trudeau. I truly hope I’m wrong. No one I know who is leaning Liberal knows anything about a possible carbon tax. They just hate Harper.

  • Don’t trust ANYONE on carbon pricing. Period. It has nothing to do with cleaning up the environment. It’s a global tax scam.

    Here’s an analogy of the system they are proposing:

    One guy has 1 bag of garbage, another guy has 3 bags of garbage. 4 bags of garbage total. To equalize things, the guy with 3 bags of garbage has to credit/pay the guy with only 1 bag of garbage for one of his bags of garbage. Hence, they each have two bags of garbage each — everything is equalized!

    But wait, they started out with 4 bags of garbage total, and after the process they still have 4 bags of garbage total. Nothing was fixed environmentally — bags of garbage (or the lack thereof) were passed around and credited/paid for to make everybody equal, but the garbage is still there. This is apart from the fact that carbon isn’t a pollutant (i.e. “garbage”) in the first place. And apart from the fact that it is practically impossible to measure objectively because carbon is a fundamental building block of EVERYTHING that exists.

    We’re talking about imaginary garbage, which is never disposed of because it is always being traded back and forth. And even if at some point we decide to dispose of it, it’s imaginary in the first place — it’s not a pollutant. And we will be taxed for it every time it is traded.

    Meanwhile there is real “garbage” (i.e. pollutants) that will continue to contaminate the natural environment, which will be ignored.

    • And they’re probably violating the second law of thermodynamics again (a law not a theory). The same law that was conveniently ignored when scientists once attempted to oversell the now defunct Darwinian theory of evolution (Darwin’s 1800’s theory became defunct with the emergence of modern evolutionary Mendelian genetics in the mid-1900’s).

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I don’t think Mendel and Darwin are any more incompatible than Einstein and Newton.

        • They’re certainly incompatible as far as the advances in modern evolutionary theory goes, which is in the area of genetics. Darwin’s theory is defunct — Darwin believed that species evolved through SOMATIC adaptation to their environment. Modern genetics demonstrates that it can’t happen that way.

          Don’t want to get into the science behind it — suffice it to say that that you will never see Charles Darwin quoted in any scientific journal on evolutionary genetics since at least the past 20 years (and probably before that). In other words, evolutionary theory itself has “evolved” — it’s silly to think that we are stuck in 19th century Darwinism when science in all disciplines has developed far beyond anything anyone in the 1800’s could imagine. We’re talking about the “horse and buggy” era.

          Unfortunately a lot of people didn’t get the memo — I’ll never forget when the NDP raked Harper over the coals because they thought he didn’t believe in Darwinian evolution. I remember thinking to myself, “good, I hope Harper doesn’t believe in Darwinian evolution because it was replaced by the science of genetics a long time ago!”

          But let’s face it, the NDP is stuck in the 19th century where economics is concerned as well — they still adhere to Karl Marx’s defunct theories re: capitalism. It wouldn’t surprise me if Justin is still stuck there too.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Looking up the definition of somatic I see that I have never had that view of Darwin’s work.
            It’s as ridiculous as thinking that plastic surgery on a parent confers an evolutionary advantage to the children.

          • Exactly. Not trying to dis Darwin entirely — he obviously observed something and called it “evolution”. But he was wrong about how it works. Far more complex than external anatomical observation — e.g.: “hey monkeys kinda look like people, that means people must be evolved from monkeys!” And of course anti-religious crusaders extrapolated even further: “hey Darwin proves there is no God — people kinda look like monkeys!”

            Evolutionary genetics is much more complex, involving reproduction and random mutation — a gazillion things have to line up over a gazillion years adaptive to a specific environment for a minuscule change to occur. And the key word is “RANDOM”. It’s not as simple as, “hey that monkey has a tail — he must have grown that tail so he can hang from the trees!” It might be a fun way to teach “evolution” to children, but it’s not the way it happens. We have only scratched the surface.

            By the way, Mendel, the father of modern genetics, was a Christian monk — he had no problem maintaining his belief in God while doing science. Science is designed to explore the material world, while faith explores the spiritual world — no contradiction whatsoever because they are on two different planes of experience.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            I have always had arguments with people who cast evolution and religion as opposing interests.
            It is not and never has been true.
            The men of science believed they were pursuing God.
            They weren’t running away from God.

  • ontario john

    Its a wonder the Conservatives are not even lower considering the massive efforts by the media against Harper. We have the CBC and Star with bullshit stories on how people in rural areas are switching votes to the Liberals, and all the media trying to get young voters to get and vote because everyone knows the little snowflakes will vote anything leftist. I was voting Friday, and a young couple in front of me was talking to another young couple. They were complaining that the riding always votes Conservative. She said that once all the closed minded old people die off things will get better. I couldn’t help myself but comment of course. You mean the old people that fought and died in wars and built this country? My Grandfather fought in WW1, my Father fought in WW2, and I led men in bullshit peace keeping missions under Liberal governments that starved the military for equipment and support. Yes I guess we are just a burden to young voters. Maybe that’s why Trudeau is so gungho about assisted suicide for seniors.

    • Yep, assisted suicide, exporting abortion to Africa through Canadian aid programs, and more genocides like Rwanda where our peacekeepers had to stand by while people were slaughtered. He’s a true Liberal — the kid really likes dead stuff a lot.

    • By the way, thank you for your service. Which should always be credited as a selfless service to Canada and Canadians (governing party to boot).

  • ntt1

    the younger voters are not against carbon pricing(tax on everything) because they believe that virtue signaling like keeping a compost or a recycle box will exempt them from the apparently wished for, tax. but once this new form of tax is installed it will continue to rise in percentage until economic damage is done just like energy in ontario. by then it is too late.

    • Clink9

      Like the temporary income tax for WW One.

  • Pon Wup

    The carbon tax is completely unnecessary. The models are wrong. Of course, Trudeau and Butts would have you believe that it’s not the models that are wrong, it’s the planet. It doesn’t know it’s own temperature.

    The models are wrong, and the theoretical hotspot never showed up so there is simply no reason to move ahead with any kind of onerous taxation until we have a better understanding of what’s going on.

    Fortunately not everyone drinks from the font of climate religion. Two skeptics have found that the implementation of the models are incorrect resulting in an even further reduction in the effect of CO2 on climate.

    Will Justin or Butts do the right thing and admit they were wrong? If they don’t then any policy based on carbon taxation is pure theft and these guys are fundamentally corrupt.

  • warrenzoell

    That little coddled bastard is going to become our next PM. Thanks to Ontario and Quebec. I thought the average American voter was stupid. I hope I’m wrong