Clueless About a Religious War

After another day of stabbings and other attacks of Israelis by Palestinians is making it harder to pretend that a third intifada has not broken out. As the Times of Israel notes, Palestinians are calling this surge of terrorism the “hibat al-Quds” or the “Jerusalem awakening.” That is significant and not just because it recalls the way Palestinians referred to the second intifada as being about the “al-Aqsa” mosque on the Temple Mount. While the narrative about this latest outbreak of violence from critics of Israel is that it is all about the sins of the “occupation” and Israel denying hope to the Palestinians, what we are hearing from them is a very different story.

  • DMB

    Calling it a “religious war” is just a way for some atheists to white wash the whole situation. This is not a religious war this is an Islamic war against everyone who is considered to be unbelievers.

    • I agree one front in a much wider war.

      • Everyone Else

        call it what it is – jihad

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The critics of Israel know exactly what is going on, but they are mentally and morally incapable of facing the truth.

    • It is despicable.

    • WalterBannon

      correction, they are mentally and morally incapable of TELLING the truth

      • Everyone Else

        correction, their bias makes them incapable of SEEING the truth

  • Jade

    The world is clueless

  • Shebel

    I always thought that every Jew aspired to being stabbed by a Gazian.