WATCH: For some, welfare has become the “family business” — and that’s bad for all of us

Welfare entitlements have gone far beyond temporary assistance to help those down on their luck while they get back on their feet.

  • marty_p

    My favorite story – my wife used to work for the Federal Ministry of Employment and Immigration – her clerical function was to process EI recipient applications for those who were enrolling in Federal Govt paid career re-training education. For a long time they were not allowed to cross reference training grant recipients with welfare rolls in Toronto due to “Privacy Legislation”…. recipients could not get welfare at the same time they were receiving re-training payments.
    The rules subsequently changed and they were allowed to cross reference recipients. They caught one guy who claimed 4 dependents that he was supporting on retraining monies but only 3 for welfare and the disparity seemed to be a male named “Ralph”…in speaking to the recipient when she called to deny coverage due to “double dipping” – my wife asked the recipient “Who’s Ralph” since he wasn’t being claimed for welfare …to which the guy replied “He’s my dog”… my wife explained that a dog is not considered a dependent. The guy replies “He’s gotta eat don’t he?”

    How many Ralphs are out there?

  • eMan14

    I know there are truly needy people out there, but I’d bet there is a awful lot of fraud going on. And special payouts are ridiculous. What was the cost? $35 for pilates wear? If you are on welfare, you can’t afford to go to pilates.

    • I wonder about the extent of fraud in Ontario, it is so little reported on by the media that one assumes it does not exist.


      Ontario is the only province where welfare rates have increased consistently over several decades…

      The “Special Diet” supplement ( read more money) was openly abused with the aid of willing doctors and OCAP.

      Something stinks big time here but no one seems to want to talk about it.

      • Katyn

        But you can’t talk about what you see with your own lying eyes.

        Google Angela Browne, welfare thief and enabler extrordinaire. She’s even got a blog moaning on and on about the down trodden of society. Except her whole business is run on extracting tax payer money to represent them. And there are hundreds, if not more, of her doing the same. Some private sector “non-profits”, others just plain public sector pigs at the trough. All the same.

        I’m sick of them.

      • Katyn

        I live in a an area that’s easily 80% on social assistance of some kind. You can’t get them to work. Literally. There’s a part time casual labour outfit I use for extra money. They’re crying for people who will just show up and do a basic job. My neighbors just won’t work. Every excuse in the book when i tell them about the jobs available. My back. I’m bipolar. I’m on methadone. Blah blah blah. Lazy f@cks.

        The government has to start frog marching people at gun point if it’s going to change. And that won’t happen because it puts the government workers out of jobs themselves. It’s crazy.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I want to be a Canadian refugee.
    It sounds like a good paying gig and lots of fun!

    • You bet. Just claim you’re a Gay Muslim Mexican!

  • dmn451

    Hire a couple of welfare cheats to crack down on the the other welfare cheats. They seem to know how to scam the system.

    • Brett_McS

      They could be put on a bonus system: you get 10% of the savings.

      • Katyn

        Pay them with beer or methadone. You’ll have to do it stealthily, but yes, it would work. I know two who would be happy with the arrangement. I won’t call them men. More just bums. Garbage.

  • Clink9

    I heard a guy complain he had been living in one of the hi rise welfare buildings in the Scarborough area of Toronto for over 20 years. Generations of welfare people piled on top of each other.

    My coworker said he’d work three jobs to not live there.

  • Dana Garcia

    The author of Rise of the Robots thinks nearly all of us will need a check from the government after the smart machines take over the jobs formerly performed by humans. I haven’t seen any conservative response about how the automated future is supposed to work.

    I think welfare is bad for the psyche, but it may be inevitable if there are no jobs.

    • Brett_McS

      Mechanisation makes things cheaper, thus less (human) work is required to live well, so people can work shorter hours on things that they like doing, but which in the past did not pay the bills.

      For example, we can perhaps imagine a time when lots of bloggers can make a good living without having to supplement their income with other work.

      Work will still required but it will be less onerous. That’s basically a continuation of centuries of progress in mechanisation. Robots are not a fundamental shift.

  • Clear Thinker

    This is old news. In Ontario the leg spreading trollop will have 4 or 5 kids from different fathers. She will accept from each father 200 bucks a month under the table and not name them as fathers for child support reasons. She will then apply for full benefits and social housing and the utilities grant monies and more. The key for her is to spread out the children such that she can try to stay on welfare from age 16 to age 55 or more. We had one welfare queen in my little town who did just that. Recently she just timed out and now is on single welfare, and she is the impoverished downtrodden woman you see others protesting in her favour to get her more money, or access to cpp, something she never paid into. When I had a 9 year old used car, she had a 2 year old car. When she could not make her rent for the county housing authority, they let it pass, you know you cant throw a whore and her children out onto the streets. Now her youngest child, the local slack jawed gawker, is on welfare and her oldest daughter has 4 of her own bastards, and they demand much more. I say right now, ban welfare in 10 years. Those are not on it, wont be able to access it, and others are not even born yet.

    • Katyn

      Hey! That’s my niece you’re taking about! And God I wish I was kidding.

  • BillyHW

    Welfare is immoral. If you, like Pope Francis, support it, you will spend your entire afterlife in hell.