Totalitarian Groupthink, Student Edition

From free speech journalist Brendan O’Neill, on the new ‘crats-in-training campus:

But the audience at last night’s debate was not part of any cynical, self-styled community group. They were young. They were mainly liberals. They were pretty cool. Some were painfully PC. And yet some of them — a significant chunk of them — cheered Bukhari’s explanation for the Charlie killers’ actions, and applauded his suggestion that my question must have been motivated by racism.

During my speech, students had hollered ‘Shame! Shame!’ when I suggested that Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ should not be banned on campuses. And yet they listened intently, with soft, understanding, patronising liberal smiles on their faces, as Bukhari implied that Charlie Hebdo brought its massacre on itself. This is how screwed-up the culture on Western campuses has become: I was jeered for suggesting we shouldn’t ban pop songs; Bukhari was cheered for suggesting journalists who mock Muhammad cannot be surprised if someone later blows their heads off.

It provided a glimpse into the inhumanity of political correctness. The PC gang always claim they’re just being nice; it’s just ‘institutionalised politeness’, they say. Yet at Trinity last night I saw where today’s intolerance of offence and obsession with Safe Spacing minorities from difficult ideas can lead: to an agreeable nod of the head when it is suggested that it’s understandable when poor, victimised Muslims murder those who offended them.

He also counsels today’s students (*oops, crats-in-training):

If you hide yourself from opposition, Safe Space yourself from ridicule, you become stupid. Censorship is the mother of cretinism. Reject it, always, in all circumstances. Allow everyone to speak and, more importantly, allow yourselves the great joy, the great human experience, of thinking for yourselves.

But Brendan, they don’t want that. They are not smart enough to be in the STEM subjects, or they’d be back at the rez studying. They want a career telling others how to live without being nearly smart enough for that either. Vote for progressives, and get way more of them.

Hat tip: Mark Steyn