The niqab delusion

It’s almost as if there are parallel universes in Canada right now. The politicians and opinion leaders defending the wearing of the niqab during citizenship oath ceremonies are unaware of — or are ignoring — some of the most damning arguments against this extremist garb.

They’re afflicted with the niqab delusion. Don’t let them get away with it. It’s time for a little truth telling.

The oddest argument is that “this is playing the race card,” as NDP Leader Tom Mulcair told me in an interview Thursday. Islam is not a race. It’s a religion.

There are large populations of Muslims from various races. It’s the person making such an accusation who’s playing the race card, not the critic of the niqab.

  • David Murrell

    Catman, I an’t access the link. It reads “internal sever error”.

  • BradThomas

    Same thing for me – it looks as if the Ottawa Sun site is down for the moment. I’ll try again later.

  • Islam is not a mere religion – it is a political ideology, aimed at world domination.

  • ed

    it`s not what`s on their heads that worries me ,it`s what`s inside it !

  • Halloween

    Everyone should wear ski masks to demonstrate the dangers of not being able to see someone’s face. Let’s see if this is a real issue or a double standard based on Liberal bigotry toward those who care about our country’s security.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Grateful Desperate Syrian Refugees Complain About Slow Internet, No Cigarettes, And Food Only Fit For A Dog…Or A Woman…

    • Fuck Canada

      I was a firefighter until a concussion and PTSD left me unable to work. Now I live in an 8’x12′ shack with no power (other than a 7.5w solar panel for my phone) or running water because the government made it so hard for me to get the help I needed. It brings me closer to suicide when I see refugees getting the help that I could use. Refugees are entitled to more than me, partly because I’m honest and won’t play up victimization like they will.

  • Observer
  • Tom Forsythe

    Canadians are openly mocking this decision:

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    The point of Russia going there was to ensure that Iran won’t be next. Wesley Clark warned everyone that 9 nations are not part of the IMF controlled nations or using Rothschild banks and those nations had to be conquered to have a new world order. The nations were Libya, Syria, Lebanon, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Venezuela and Russia. The fact is Russia is there to protect their warm water port in Tartus. They know if Assad falls Iran is next because many coalitions are together to take out the anti-IMF nations. There are the bankers, the warmonger class, the arms dealers, the Israel firsters, the religious fundamentalists that are Christian and finally the pro-police state class. I would even include the oil companies as another member of that coalition. The point is wars don’t just happen for one reason. Israel has been on the fence about Syria, Iraq and many of the conflicts. Don’t forget the West and warmongers support Saudi Arabia and are against Saudi Arabia, but they know they wars will happen in the end. The US has to have them happen since their world reserve status is on the line.

    As for the niqab issue, the government cannot really control individuals wearing it. It is really up to the people that want to wear it. If someone is forced, then that person should be helped out. Seems pretty easy to understand.

    • Minicapt

      If you knew something, it will be for the first time.


      • Billy Bob Thornton

        Harper has no choice on the niqab issue.

        It has been settled. The Supreme Court has been clear and he cannot control what people wear. The fact is Syria was about weakening Iran by overthrowing Assad. Now the West is trapped and the US reserve currency is in question?! Where am I wrong?!

        The fact is the niqab issue proves that Harper can only resort to division as a way of governing and it further proves the Americanization of Canadian politics is part of our system and Harper is the one that wanted Canadian politics to always be toxic.

        • Minicapt

          Nope, this not it.


        • Minicapt

          When you hear of a frog trying to talk turkey, wht you hear is, “gilblet, giblet”.


  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Russia truly showed the world how phony the war on terror is and how it is used for fear and making voting coalitions go one way or another. I congratulate Russia for exposing the West.

    The proof of the war on terror being a phony war has to do with ISIS having Toyotas and other arms. It proves that they are being funded. It is creating enemies to rile people up and create a state of fear. Too bad Blazingcatfur continues to miss this! They want a narrative about Islam and they are very much for ongoing war and people’s children to fight the wars of the future.

    • Minicapt

      Paul Hellyer is your leader; excellent.


      • Billy Bob Thornton

        Oh ya I doubt you knew about ISIS having weapons and vehicles.

        If I didn’t mention it, you wouldn’t have said anything.

        The fact is Hellyer hasn’t been leader of the Canadian Action party since 2004. These two facts prove you don’t know anything about CAP or what is going on the Middle East.

        Just say that you spout randomness.

        • Minicapt

          Paul the Large One will always be your leader, and Imam.


  • Everyone Else

    1. Canada is a successful country.

    2. Immigrants and refugees are coming from less successful countries.

    3. Our ways are proven to be better, and so they must adapt, not us.

  • Barrington Minge

    seems to me the best way to treat these niqab wearing weirdos is to treat them as if they were not there. Ignore them in stores, banks etc and they would soon get the message. You hide behind your stupid veil and we normal people will ignore you.
    Get it?