Son Of Iranian Hostage-Takers Enjoys Going To School In The Land Of The ‘Great Satan’

he face of the Iran hostage crisis probably never envisioned the day her child would enroll at a university in the “Great Satan.”

Yet the oldest son of Massumeh Ebtekar — a sitting vice president who made a name for herself as “Mary,” spokeswoman for the Islamic student revolutionaries who seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979 — sure looks like he’s living the college dream in California.

  • DMB

    A BCF favorite of mine that sums this up!

  • So “Eissa Hashemi, is a doctoral student at Los Angeles branch of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.”


    Have him do his dissertation on how Islamic theology so completely brainwashes Muslims into believing a 7th century child peodiphile is “the perfect man for all times”.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Deport him or shoot him. Either one.

  • Frances

    The children of the elites of any nation never have to follow the rules that govern the peons.