Saturday Night Live: Who Watches That Sh-t and Why Wasn’t It Canceled Ages Ago?


I found myself watching this for maybe the first time in a decade and it utterly sucks. It’s as funny as a heart attack, and maybe even less so. It came on twenty minutes ago and after about 3 routines and halfway through “the news” I’m done. I left it on as I was composing this post in the hopes I would be wrong. I wasn’t. Nothing funny to see here, move along.

Their ratings as of a week ago were a 1.1 share. I know that because I looked it up. I remember a time when test patterns had a greater audience share.

A 1.1 share (that means that 1.1% of an estimated 110.2 million television households in the US) or roughly 1/4th of ONE PERCENT of everyone in America. I’m sure their foreign broadcast rights must be something between non-existent and worthless for SNL. So we have a show that has been on for 40 years that almost no one watches.

So, why the hell is this still on the air? My theory is that NBC keeps broadcasting this as a ‘dog whistle’ to P.C. millennials so they will know what is acceptable to laugh at and how to think. Before you think of that as too crazy, they must be losing a bunch doing this, just remember that SJW lefty’s will cost their own companies and shareholders millions of dollars for no other reason to social signal to their peers. The Food Network lost millions by firing Paula Deen over a bad word she uttered 30-years previous just after being a victim of a violent crime and Ballantine Books (her then publisher) walked away from millions more by canceling her publishing contract for an already-finished cookbook that already had over a million presale orders.

  • ed

    you should try some of the crap the bbc pushes out . and if you don`t pay your tv licence fee even if you never watch the bbc you get fined or go to jail ,yes ! go to jail !

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      The BBC is WORSE than SNL?

  • BillyHW

    I miss Chris Farley.

  • Osh

    Wow. The last I watched SNL John Belucci was still alive and Eddie Murphy was the new Garrett Morris. Okay, I’m dating myself (wait, is that a new gender identity?)

  • “NBC keeps broadcasting this as a ‘dog whistle’ to P.C. millennials so they will know what is acceptable to laugh at and how to think.”
    You got it exactly right, BCF, this is an important part of the leftists propaganda machine, setting standards of value for weak souls through derision and moral intimidation.

  • Gary

    I used to buy FORD’s and support the CAW , that was until I found out that the CAW ( Via the NDP Peggy Nash ) had given about $200,000.00 to a local refuge Centre near me that was suppose to be a Catholic based Charity rescuing Christians , but is now actually complicit by-proxy in helping illegals get smuggled from Mexico ,was inside it, into the USA to be shuttled North to our border and then enter as a Tourist that’s taken to this Centre where the Lawyer’s linked to it prepare the Refugee claim.
    Once all the Paper work is filled out the person is taken back to the border and re-enters there to make their Refugee claim as if they just fled the USA and they have their scripted story ready to fool the Border Services .
    The CBC actually did a special about this odd system but it was only from the Border point where the Refugee had a car waiting for them because those running the scam know roughly how long the the person is held.
    I knew exactly what the whole fraud was about because the Documents I saw for their refugee claim detailed this one persons trip from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia , then to India to get travel paper to the London ( UK) and next get into Mexico to be taken across the border to a safe house in Texas for new Papers ( forged) to be shuttled up the eastern Seaboard States with stops in VA for a fake Drivers ID license .
    This person paid $10,000.00 US which means that the scam is run inside North America to avoid a Paper Trial for the Money transfers , my guess is that islamic Charities or Mosques took cash donation to pay for it to keep it hidden from the FBI .

    This Centre also had a list of “Refugee’s” they were processing , but there was another list of about 5 Houses in the area they were tied to for the Rental Units to get some of the Welfare money as a possible Kick-back in the scam.
    Close to 15 apartments dwellings inside all these houses were pulling in Federal tax dollars to by-pass the CRA rules that deny this type of Charity from direct Government funding.
    One women on the list in a Unit had just entered Canada from California as a Refugee , she was a single mum with a 4 month old American baby born in LA . But the Mother had her Citizenship as Mexican and BORN in Mexico.

    Wait…. a Mexican women crosses into the USA and has a baby in LA , a few month later the Nation and State is so dangerous for single mums that she freely travels about 2500 miles to Niagara Falls or Buffalo to cross into Canada to make a refugee claim ??????

    As for FORD , they went nuts with pushing the Rainbow flag in their video ad as if to show that they weren’t like those 90% + heterosexual homophobes .
    Why the F’ would these Suits in the Boardroom think it was good idea to piss off over 90% of the consumer base potential sine they SELL cars and not promote gay rights as some Advocate Charity.
    The CAW for yeas now has Donated Chevrolet trucks that help move these refugees around or pick up furniture .
    Remember, Peggy Nash was inside the CAW to support this Centre and is now the NDP MP because of the Immigrant/Refugee population and Public Sector Union members in the area along with hoards of Teachers .

    I switch to Toyota’s that are build in Canada by Canadians that aren’t having their pay check raped each Month by a Union that hands it to a Human Smuggling ring which built an extra 4 Apartment extension to make more money from the taxpayers . How odd that a Union funds bring in more unskilled labour refugees that will undercut the current wages and drive it down to put Canadians out of work and won’t buy a new car made in Canada by the CAW.

    In my area I see Home reno’s being done by people that don’t speak english and just from my looks to the outside of these Million dollar homes that quality of work is crap and most of the wood trim is low quality pressure treated deck wood and not Carpenter’s high quality Boards to match the Period wood and style .
    One house had a beautiful front porch but the wood step and trim need repairs. The front steps area was torn out along with edge mouldings and they slapped on cheap Deck board s that did match the door area , then they nailed cheap wooden strips where the mouldings were . Next the dark paint scheme had a white primer and then the matching colour , but the 2-tone theme didn’t have some areas taped off properly or stress cracks filled in.

    Sure they saved money , but that job just cost them about $5000.00 off the sale price for the buyers that want a home original for the Period style exterior and now see that a carpenter will have to correct it but the unique tongue&grove steps are gone.

    The leftist are shooting them self in the foot because even the Teachers
    and TDSB are engaged in treason to give FREE education to children of illegals
    to fill the classrooms while they refuse to report this to the RCMP so the parents can be removed from Canada.
    While they mean well , the taxpayers will run out of money to fund thousands of foreign children on top of Joe Mihevc now claiming that the 300,000 illegals in Toronto will get Welfare in this new sanctuary City.
    Wynne’s debt is catching up to our federal debt of $600+ billion as Justin promises to drive it up over $700 billion with FREE stuff if you vote for him to be PM.

  • Xavier

    Not everything is done as dog whistle. Some decisions – like the Paula Deen case – are preemptive damage control measures to avoid being boycotted. It’s interesting to watch who the media selects as a target and who they ignore. Look at Deen vs. Sharpton or even Obama and how the media presents and protects their own.

    But yes, SNL is there to influence, not entertain.

  • Barry Thornton

    Watched once for 5 minutes that was enough. Progressives watch it to get talking points i.e. Tina Fey/Sarah Palin.

  • kkruger71

    There is certainly an element of that, but part of the reason is the potential earnings of the players. Most of them are in contracts where the first movie or two they do while on the show NBC gets a cut, even if it isn’t based on a character from SNL. Those that are they can produce fairly cheaply and get an easy profit from (such as the Roxbury one).

  • ontario john

    Its about as funny as CBC comedies. And the tragic thing, is that taxpayers have to pay for CBC comedies. The hilarity of listening to Rick Mercer rant every week about Harper somehow eludes me.

  • ontario john

    Actually the funniest thing I have seen this weekend is today’s rant from Harooooooooon in the Sunday Star. He is supporting Trudeau(Surprise), because Trudeau will make things better for the persecuted muslims in Canada. And of course Haroooon is allowed racist remarks again by stating once again that Harper is pandering to certain “ethnic groups”. Damn those Christians and Jews.

  • LauraS

    Hubby paused the remote long enough to watch a portion of Amy Schumer’s opening monologue last night. Part of it involved a Lena Dunham-esque discussion about bathing her 18-month-old niece. Disgusting and disturbing.

    Yes, SNL should be cancelled. I was a fan in the 70s and 80s. But, even back in the day, the brilliant skits (few & far between) were broken up by long sketches that didn’t work.

    And I’m so glad my comedy tastes are far above this year’s “it” girl, Amy Schumer. Never found her–or any of those raunchy comedies like Trainwreck, Bridesmaids, etc.–funny.

    • El Martyachi

      Norm McDonald and Dennis Miller we good too. But that’s like.. 20 years ago already.

  • roccolore

    Luckily, NBC shows one hour versions of classic SNL before the local news.

  • Allan

    Funny you should mention it. I too flipped on SNL last night. It is rare that I am even up so late anymore but while surfing, there it was. I watched 1 minute of 5 skits as I toggled back and forth between the show and a hockey game.

    How the heck this show is still on the air indeed. If this troop showed up at an open-mic night in Saskatoon in dead winter they would be booed off stage. Trully pathetic.

  • Katyn

    Miss the old SNL.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Comedy has been in a state of suspended animation for some time now. There is actually no comedy programming on television anymore.

    The biggest laughs I get are from comments by readers of blog sites, the MSM, and other media sources. It has always been that “everybody is a critic” but ever before have the MSM been completely DEVOID OF ALL INSIGHT OR HONESTY. Any insight or honestly comes from readers pointing out the hilarity of the day’s narrative. And in that spirit, let me close by reminding you all how peaceful muslims are. Have a good day!

  • Cat-astrophe

    Canadian Comedy, same thing as SNL. SNL has exceed its expiry date, by a good two decades.
    SCTV was a hoot, start to finish. The good old days, when the whole of media was not owned for ONLY one purpose.
    This hour has 22 minutes used to be enjoyable, then they started to unabashedly push left agenda. It (beyond) sucks now.
    Royal Canadian Air Farce always was left wing rubbish, became more so as the years “progressed”, CBC of course.
    Someone mentioned the BBC. Same as Canada’s CBC. They produce nothing except Justin Trudeau commercials. They come in the guise of the news.