Saturday Night Live: Who Watches That Sh-t and Why Wasn’t It Canceled Ages Ago?


I found myself watching this for maybe the first time in a decade and it utterly sucks. It’s as funny as a heart attack, and maybe even less so. It came on twenty minutes ago and after about 3 routines and halfway through “the news” I’m done. I left it on as I was composing this post in the hopes I would be wrong. I wasn’t. Nothing funny to see here, move along.

Their ratings as of a week ago were a 1.1 share. I know that because I looked it up. I remember a time when test patterns had a greater audience share.

A 1.1 share (that means that 1.1% of an estimated 110.2 million television households in the US) or roughly 1/4th of ONE PERCENT of everyone in America. I’m sure their foreign broadcast rights must be something between non-existent and worthless for SNL. So we have a show that has been on for 40 years that almost no one watches.

So, why the hell is this still on the air? My theory is that NBC keeps broadcasting this as a ‘dog whistle’ to P.C. millennials so they will know what is acceptable to laugh at and how to think. Before you think of that as too crazy, they must be losing a bunch doing this, just remember that SJW lefty’s will cost their own companies and shareholders millions of dollars for no other reason to social signal to their peers. The Food Network lost millions by firing Paula Deen over a bad word she uttered 30-years previous just after being a victim of a violent crime and Ballantine Books (her then publisher) walked away from millions more by canceling her publishing contract for an already-finished cookbook that already had over a million presale orders.