Putin’s Imperial Adventure in Syria

IN June 1772, Russian forces bombarded, stormed and captured Beirut, a fortress on the coast of Ottoman Syria. The Russians were backing their ally, a ruthless Arab despot. When they returned the next year, they occupied Beirut for almost six months. Then as now, they found Syrian politics a boiling cauldron of factional-ethnic strife, which they tried to simplify with cannonades and gunpowder.

I am not seeing a downside for Putin just yet…

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    The Russian empire is getting bigger and bigger can de US stop it ? Under Obama probably not .

  • FactsWillOut

    In the Crimean war, England backed the Muslims against Russia.
    Plus ca change…

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    The point of Russia going there was to ensure that Iran won’t be next. Wesley Clark warned everyone that 9 nations are not part of the IMF controlled nations or using Rothschild banks and those nations had to be conquered to have a new world order. The nations were Libya, Syria, Lebanon, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Venezuela and Russia. The fact is Russia is there to protect their warm water port in Tartus. They know if Assad falls Iran is next because many coalitions are together to take out the anti-IMF nations. There are the bankers, the warmonger class, the arms dealers, the Israel firsters, the religious fundamentalists that are Christian and finally the pro-police state class. I would even include the oil companies as another member of that coalition. The point is wars don’t just happen for one reason. Israel has been on the fence about Syria, Iraq and many of the conflicts. Don’t forget the West and warmongers support Saudi Arabia and are against Saudi Arabia, but they know they wars will happen in the end. The US has to have them happen since their world reserve status is on the line.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Russia truly showed the world how phony the war on terror is and how it is used for fear and making voting coalitions go one way or another. I congratulate Russia for exposing the West.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Putin stands a better change of coming out of this undamaged if he sticks to his very limited objective of protecting Russia’s navy base than if he fully intervenes in the civil war. Even here, he has pissed off the Sunnis, including Turkey, by siding with the Shiites, and things may not end well for him unless he stays out of the family quarrel.

    • Katyn

      Obama made kind of a master move here, no? Sucking the Russians in to do the dirty work? Obama gets name called but it’s Russia that gets tar babied. I’m not a smart gal by any means but this looks impressive to me.

      • Everyone Else

        Who credits Obama with a counterintuitive masterstroke, and then says “I’m not a smart gal”?

        An administration intern?

        • Katyn

          That’s way out of line. Get off your high horse. I look at a chess game and I’m always thinking, “What if.” And so yes, I look at Syria and Obama and Putin and think, what if.

          Understand rhetoric. It gets you places.

  • vimy

    What needs to happen in the middle east is all the phony borders need to be eliminate and redrawn along sect or tribal lines and all the oil revenues garnered in the area be divided equally among them. call me stupid if its a stupid idea, just thinking out loud on the keyboard.