Islam in Germany

Part 1

Part 2

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Plexed and cued to my TV.

    • Jean Hargis

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  • Brett_McS

    Great doco.

    It’s cute how shocked the German teachers are – “But that’s against The Constitution!” – when the Muslim boys patiently explain that the woman belongs to the man; that they must protect their sister’s honour; that their father sets down the law etc etc.

    There is no point trying to ‘convert’ these boys to western constitutionalism: They have the upper hand in their culture and have no incentive to lose that status by adopting western culture.

    The key is the girls. Convert the girls to western ideals – an easier task, since it is such an improvement for them – and the boys will follow whether they like it or not; the hormones will not be denied.

    • Blacksmith

      I think you have a bit of rose colored glasses going on. I do believe that most of the women would prefer to be free,but the leftist and male pisslamist would prevent it from occurring. If it did somehow happen I do believe it would work as you suggest.

  • Gary

    If you want an example for why the CBC should be axed, here’s # 173 right from their CBC specials on the 9/11 attack by muslims.

    I watched the 1 Hour version about the 9/11 plot being based in Germany where they showed the Germany Police video surveillance of the ring leader and wire tap audio translated from Arabic where he fears he’s being followed and the Police are moving in.
    So the November Plot to hijack planes is moved up to September 11th in his own words on the audio coverage because all 4 planes have to be on schedule
    as in the test runs .
    This was the CBC and not my opinion, those tied to this event in Germany were arrested and this evidence was used in the Courts for the Convictions.

    But wait, I then saw the 2011 CBC special on 9/11 where they gave air time to the theory that Bush and Chretien conspired to use NORAD to take over 4 passenger planes and replaced them with planes flown by remote control and full of bombs to destroy the WTC towers, pentagon , and two other buildings .

    When the people at CBC don’t even trust their own documentaries about 9/11 and the Germany connection that shoots down the Conspiracy nuts Inside job claims….. it’s time to pull the plug on it since it’s just a bunch of paper pushers
    wasting time and tax dollars creating the News and NOT reporting it .
    The other example is how the CBC in 2005 started to report on how Maher Arar was Tortured in his homeland of Syria while their own News Archives still posted his original story from 2003 where he said he was tortured in JORDAN for two weeks after being taken there because he was denied entry to the USA from Tunisia by him self as a young Syrian Sunni muslim male .
    The FBI had him tied to the Boston radical Mosque now pumping out terrorists , this because Arar left Ottawa to live by him self in Boston which was near one of the 9/11 Airports while he said he was working for a Software Company .

    So one minute the CBC says that muslim terrorist were behind 9/11, then another employee claims that is was a conspiracy by Bush and Cretien via Cheyenne Mountain NORAD base with Canadian and American staff.
    First Maher Arar was tortured in Jordan , but when he used extortion to sue Canada the CBC then said he was Tortured in Syria .

  • John

    Here ares some observations by a doctor about the situation with migrants in Munich.


    • marty_p

      The children of the Holocaust perpetrators deserve everything that happens to them and more.

      • lzzrd

        I agree, however, we will be expected to bail out the Euros,(again). Either by taking, the “overflow”, or going in and digging out the problem, like we did twice in the last century. I have a better solution.

        Since the UN claims it is a moral duty to accept these refugees, why not divide the number refugees by the number of UN members and send “their share” of said refugees, to the member countries.
        With the understanding of course they will be shipped back,(no exceptions), when the dust settles…..

      • John

        The children of the Holocaust perpetrators deserve everything that happens to them and more.
        Well, you’re certainly not the only one thinking that.,7340,L-4299673,00.html

        • marty_p

          One difference – I couldn’t give a rats ass about modesty being introduced in Europe like the Rabbi in the Ynet link above – I am relishing the arrogant Europeans being tormented by the Children of Ishmael that they imported by the millions – it couldn’t happen to a more deserving people.

          • John

            Well that’s an important difference.

      • Britain fought the Nazis. Does Britain deserve to be destroyed too?

        • marty_p

          Who were friends of the Arabs and prevented Jewish immigration before 1948? Who’s Royal Family kisses Arab ass and refuses to visit Israel? Nuff Said.

          • So the Brits deserve be destroyed too? All because a few upper-class ponces liked playing Arab dress-up?

            Man. You’re harsh.

          • El Martyachi

            In fairness, more than a few upper-class ponces STILL like playing Arab dress-up…

          • This:

            Is no reason to damn the girls of Rotherham.

          • El Martyachi

            I’d totally wear that, BTW. Just sayin’.

          • I like the sword.

          • El Martyachi

            I like the sidearm that would go with that outfit; one on which no expense would be spared. My choice would be a custom-fitted single action long barreled revolver, maybe with one of those forearm brace extender things (naturally all brassgold and mahogany.. no plastic). It’d be the sort of pistol built entirely for accuracy at range. None of this gentlemen’s pistol nonsense close in.. that’s what the sword’s for.

            But those could be rifle cartridges too.

          • El Martyachi

            I’d like to say there’s hope, but it’s satire.