Is PM Stephen Harper in danger of assassination? #elxn42

In recent months, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been subject to a ferocious smear campaign initiated by his political rivals and fanned by the mainstream media outlets, primarily, but not limited to, the Toronto Star and CBC.


Not just the media, the hard left parasites ensconced in Citizenship & Immigration are being investigated for leaking information on Syrian refugee screening they assumed would be damaging, in fact it has helped the conservative campaign.

Canada’s bureaucrat class has to be stopped, their rape and pillage of the public purse has to end or we will all work in servitude to their parasitism.

  • Maggat

    Amen to that.

    • Katyn

      And another Amen. I think Canadian security forces take the possibility very seriously. Just put yourself in their position,.

  • Dear Mr. Harper – the danger is real, many Muslims are potential murderers, be sure to be well guarded. G-d protect you.

  • I hope that’s a rhetorical question, because the answer is obviously “yes”. The “Toronto 18” specifically targeted Harper for assassination. And I’m sure that the grand prize for Bibeau when he stormed Parliament wouldn’t have been Tom Mulcair!

    Coming from a different perspective, think of Luka Magnotta — he didn’t send the body parts of his murder victim to the NDP to terrorize the NDP — he sent the body parts to the Conservative constituency office.

    I think it’s safe to say that given the evidence, if you are a psychopath in Canada, whether motivated by politics or simply narcissism, you probably vote NDP or somewhere on the extreme Left. When Harper was threatened by the Toronto 18, the NDP did not offer any public support for the PM. Even if the NDP hates the guy’s guts, diplomacy alone would require them to at least express support in a situation like that. I think their attitude against Harper is beyond hatred — it’s psychopathic. I think the NDP would support the PM’s assassination, and that they convey that message to their supporters through both their actions (or inactions) and vile smear campaigns.

    Steven Harper (not unlike Rob Ford in this respect) could make millions of dollars in successful slander suits if he took the NDP media to court for every time he was publicly defamed. But like Ford, Harper doesn’t do it because he’s not an a**hole. Only the Left abuses the court in this manner, and only the Left uses “mobbing” against their opponents and has incited people to violence.

  • Oracle9

    The CBC and Red Star are not a lot different from Abbas, and look at the results he’s getting.