Every Vote Counts: Which leader would you like to share a scotch with? #elxn42

We pose this question to supposed experts attending The Gentlemen’s Expo, and got some interesting answers!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The correct answer is Rob Ford.

    • Not a bad choice

      • k1962

        What about Elizabeth May? How about having a drink with her, yuck, yuck.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I love Stephen Harper but drinking with him would be Dude I am so wasted right now.
      Trudeau would get all maudlin about his Dad and his Mom before asking where the cocaine was.
      And Mulcair looks like the meanest fucking Irish drunk I’ve seen since I lived with a Irish/English hybrid a few years ago.

  • Clausewitz

    I’d drink with Just In so after his second beer I could bounce his face off of the bar. Awww, what a pity, your supposed good looks are gone.

  • Nobody said they’d drink with Mulcair! Oh well, so much for the Jack Layton legacy.

    Well, since I like going with the underdog, I think I’d drink with Mulcair. Here’s my plan (instead of getting into an Italian/Irish punch up):

    First I’d spike Mulcair’s drink. After he passed out I’d steal his wallet. Take his bank cards and credit cards and max them out with cash advances. Find a bar frequented by Unionists and ask Union members to put up their hands if they voted either Conservative or Liberal. I would then distribute the money to those who raised their hands:

    “This is the money that the NDP stole from your Union dues to support the Mulcair campaign against your democratic free choice. It was given to Mulcair by your Marxist Union bulls — I am personally redistributing it from Mulcair’s wallet and returning the money to the rightful owners”.


  • Xavier

    Justin. Alcohol lowers my tolerance for assholes.