Druze-Israeli Deputy Minister Says Yemen Jews Told to Leave or Convert to Islam

The government of Yemen recently issued a proclamation that all Jews in the country must leave or convert to Islam, Israeli Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation, Likud MK Ayoob Kara told The Algemeiner on Sunday.

I gotta ask… Why are you livin in Yemen?

Pic – Houthi – read Shia “Rebels”

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Well they should leave or convert to islam.
    They are stupid for staying there.
    And then we wouldn’t have to worry about collateral damage when we bomb them.

    • Clausewitz

      I guess diversity is not their strength.

  • Martin B

    There was a massive airlift of Yemenite Jews to Israel in 1949:


    And there have been several smaller airlifts since, as recently as 2009. But as you can see, there are still some deluded rabbis who think it’s just a tiny minority of extremists hijacking the Religion Of Peace:


    • marty_p

      Same deluded mindset that some Jews had in Europe during the Second World War – the “This too will pass” theory.

      • Zaba

        Throughout our history, it usually did….

      • Norman_In_New_York

        I don’t think the number at issue here is more than a hundred.

  • Just as with the Christians and Yazidis forced to convert, not a care will be given about this.

    Should Yemeni Jews be prioritised as refugees, some wank will complain.

    History repeats itself.

  • Zaba

    I gotta ask… Why are you livin in Yemen?


    • marty_p

      As soon as I read the post this came to mind:


      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I watched that movie in my late thirties after hearing about it for most of my life.
        Man, it stinks.
        It’s like Blaxploitation but Jewish.
        Or the crap Australian cinema like the first Mad Max movie.

        • Zaba

          Speaking of stink…..

    • disqusW6sf

      Yes. Like marty-p I thought of Tviye from Fiddler.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We’ve told them that for years. They were offered free pickup to Israel. They declined. Oh well.