A Supreme Court justice and the scary plan to outlaw climate change

How do you make an imaginary problem so painfully real that everyone suffers? It’s an odd question to ask, you might think, but it’s one that has been exercising some of the brightest minds in the legal firmament, led by no less a figure than Lord Justice Carnwath of the Supreme Court.

  • Pretending for a moment that everything about man-made climate change were true, who would you put in jail if it was outlawed? The evidence needed to convict a single individual, a single corporation, or a single Nation for a specific “global” climate change event would be impossible to assemble.

    There are hypothetical exceptions — for example the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, if it was 100x times larger than it was, could possibly be blamed for a resulting global climate change event due to the fallout. Or when Saddam Hussein set fire to hundreds of oil wells in Kuwait, if it was multiplied by 100x, could possibly be blamed for a global climate change event due to the blackened sky.

    All of it hypothetical at best. In the end, they will have to put Mother Nature in jail, because nothing humans can do can globally change the course of nature or compete with her unequaled power. Climate change theory isn’t based on “liberating” nature from human intervention, it’s based on absolutely controlling and subjugating nature globally. It’s also based on globally subjugating humans, who are likewise members of the natural world. The only people who are out of sync with the natural world are the people who believe in its absolute control.

  • DMB

    Man made climate change is being pushed upon the public by the global elite in order to create a world wide taxation system in order to create a global government. This is been in the making for some time and now it is going into acceleration mode because they know they are getting closer to this reality. A global government would be non democratic since most of the countries in this world are non democratic, very socialist with a heavy mixture of crony capitalism. This future dystopia will be soon upon us.

  • G

    The courts are preferred avenue for legislation for those who can’t be bothered with democracy.

    Convince a majority of the electorate or convince one asshole judge. which is easier?

    The next three biggies for the supreme courts of Canada U.S Britian?
    Climate change, gun control, and either immigrant voting or church taxation.

    Anybody want to guess how these ones will turn out?