5-year blasphemy sentence confirmed for Egyptian TV anchor

An Egyptian appeals court upheld Saturday a five-year prison sentence against TV anchor Islam El-Behery, a prominent researcher in Islamic studies, for “contempt of religion”.

El-Behery received the sentence in May and was released on bail in the case, which was filed by lawyer Mohamed Abdel-Salam.

In June, El-Behery was acquitted of charges of blasphemy in another case.

  • tom_billesley

    I’m in contempt of that religion. I find myself not guilty by reason of sanity,

  • ontario john

    What? No outrage from the Canadian media? It was non stop outrage when the sharia muslim woman wanted to wear a bag over her head. But a media person is persecuted by islam and nothing is said. But then the media here would probably love the idea of blasphemy laws.

  • Everyone Else

    it’s worth noting this case was brought by a lawyer
    it’s also a lawyer who has been going after Ezra
    as Muslim migration increases there will be a surge in lawfare in Canada
    society gets destroyed by Islamization in many different ways