What’s Obama’s Next Move on Israel?

The reasoning behind America’s supine reaction to Russian intervention in Syria is no mystery. It is a clear reflection of President Obama’s longstanding desire to withdraw from the Middle East, as well as his commitment to détente with Iran. Since the Iranians are hoping the Russian forces can do what Hezbollah and Iranian volunteers failed to accomplish in the last few years — destroy Bashar Assad’s opposition — it is hardly surprising that the U.S. would decide to shrug at this nightmarish reversal of fortune for American interests.

  • Obozo’s plan for Israel is destruction of the Israeli state.

    His only problem is he can’t do it overtly without exposing his Muslim character.

    As his presidency winds down. expect his actions to become more overt.

    Before he is gone, his actions will even apal the democrats. (If that is possible.)

  • JoKeR

    The Obama Doctrine:

  • Xavier

    I’ll take UN sanctions for $400, Alex.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Obama becomes more irrelevant with each passing day. Israel has reached a working arrangement with Russia that avoids clashes and keeps consultations ongoing. Meanwhile, another “elite” Iranian general was killed in action in Syria.

  • angrymike

    I wonder, will Russia end up being allied with Israel ?? With the antisemitism building in the west, it wouldn’t surprise me……

  • Hard Little Machine

    Probably he will demand that Iran shoot down an Israeli airliner.