UK Conservative Told to ‘Get Back to Auschwitz’

A Conservative Party delegate was subjected to anti-Semitic abuse from protesters outside a conference in Manchester, he told The Jewish Chronicle on Thursday.

The delegate, Stephen Woods, chairman of the Conservative Sale East and Wythenshawe Association, was leaving the center with a group of Jewish friends, wearing kippot, on Sunday.

“The abuse we had to endure was despicable, with a number of protesters screaming ‘Jewish Tory scum, get back to Auschwitz,’” Woods told The Chronicle.

“I have never heard such vile language. The whole incident left us all shaken up,” he recalled.

  • Rosenmops

    People who lived through WW2 in the UK are turning over in their graves. Imagine what Churchill would think if he knew what was happening today in the UK.

  • eMan14

    I’m disheartened when I read of or hear of stories like this. Supposedly intelligent people stooping to such Antisemitism. I know some people who’s opinion I would normally give the benefit of the doubt. But not when it comes to Jews or Israel. Some of those people are of Muslim or Arab origin. Those perhaps are a lost cause.

    • Waffle

      I’m afraid that unabashed antisemitism is becoming mainstream in the West. A couple of weeks ago, the Montreal Gazette published a column praising Harper by a contributor with an obviously Jewish name. I had to take a shower after reading the comments.

      • Alain

        Rabid anti-Semitism never went away. It only went underground for a period of time following the end of WW II. Now it has become totally acceptable and fashionable with the Left, which is why we see here. Add to that the huge influx of Muslims bringing their anti-Semitism, and it only gets worse.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Muslim vitriol and anti-Semitism combined with the West’s blind embrace of anything “diverse/diversity” has resulted in higher tolerance for anti-Semitism and expressions thereof. When I was a kid, screaming “Go back to Auschwitz!” at anyone would have been met with social censure. Today, it’s considered “intolerant” to respond in that manner to such stimuli.

          The inmates may indeed be running the asylum, but it is YOUR CHOICE to live within the asylum walls or not. Personally, I live near the asylum because I have no choice, but I have no friends inside the asylum and therefore no reason to ever visit.