The Times Declares History is Bunk

If the cult of pretended objectivity is the orthodox faith of modern mainstream journalism, there is no greater exponent of this false faith than the New York Times. Those who edit and write for the news pages of the flagship of liberal opinion set great store by their pose of impartiality, even if their left-wing tilt on every issue is obvious to everyone, except perhaps their faithful liberal readership. Though they rarely give both sides a fair hearing in their pieces, their formula is to air the claims of the competing sides in disputes. That’s especially true of the Middle East conflict where the veneer of even-handed reporting is most evident.

h/t Marvin

  • David Murrell

    A good Commentary essay, but a tad polite towards the NYT. To be blunt, the reason for the hysterical extremism in the NYT is its anti-Semitism.

  • terrence

    The New York Slimes always has been virulently anti-Semitic. But, lately, they are being somewhat more open about it.

    • Note that some of its anti-Semites are themselves Jews (JINOs, self-hating variety).

  • Waffle

    While the controversy over the Temple Mount is important, the denial and erasure of the role and presence of Jews in the Diaspora over the past 2000 years is even more so. The clues are there. It only takes a little digging to find them. Sadly, our young people have bought into this ignorance.

    A few years ago, I read a piece in the National Post which was written in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of a well-known department store in the mining town on Timmins in Northern Ontario. The store and its founders had played an important role in supplying the needs of the growing populace. The store, Buckovetsky’s was famous throughout the north, however, the writer of the article omitted to mention that his ancestors were but one of a handful of pioneering Jews who were instrumental in opening up and settling the north.

    • The oldest synagogue in Canada, as I recall, is in Victoria, B.C. A Jew was among the first Britons who landed on Vancouver Island.

      • Waffle

        The oldest surviving structure, yes but in terms of Jewish presence in what is now Canada, not really. Jews were among Champlain’s first passengers to the new colony of Quebec (1604 +) until the Jesuits put a stop to it. There may have been a Jewish presence (both Ashenazic and Sephardic) in Newfoundland even earlier.

  • Islam, as is well understood by all by now, but worth repeating, will wipe out all history of non-Muslim lands if it ever takes them over. This is particularly true if it takes over the world as it desires. Because only by deleting human memory of other/better cultures can Islam make firm its hold on those it dominates. Those, like the NYT, who go along with the fictional Palestinian narrative may succeed in destroying Israel (G-d forbid), but the day they do (if ever) that will be the beginning of their own inevitable destruction. Once reality is willfully denied in some area, it no longer holds firm in any area.