‘Targeted for extermination’: Harper says prioritizing Christian and religious minority refugees isn’t discriminatory

OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Stephen Harper says his government’s policy of prioritizing certain refugees, primarily Christians and other religious minorities, isn’t discriminatory.

The government is merely prioritizing those Christians and other Muslim minorities — as opposed to Muslim Sunnis and Shiites — who are being targeted by the self-proclaimed Islamic State, Harper said this week.

“We are giving priority to the people who are the most vulnerable,” Harper said during a campaign event in Richmond, B.C.

  • Leftists are just never happy.

    • Alain

      You can’t be a leftist without being angry all the time.

      • Miserable, hateful, spiteful, ignorant.

        That about covers it.

  • Icebow

    Good for him. Should be every host government’s priority, not that muzz should be second, third, or fourth.

    • We should place them on the maybe if we get everyone else out list.

      • Genuine Muslim refugees should be taken care of, if at all, on Muslim lands. Never bring them over here – they will cause trouble for sure in the long or medium term if not immediately.

  • dukestreet

    it’s good to hear someone is taking responsibility, for making the people most at risk a priority. It certainly is not the priority of the UN.

    • David

      The only priority of the un is to demonize Israel.

    • The UN is a criminal organization.

    • Harper is right in line with reality — the U.S. just abandoned its hopey changey “grass roots democratic revolution” to depose Assad. According to U.S. officials on the news last night there were only five (5), count ’em five (5) guys they could successfuly recruit to fight Assad. Most of them had defected a long time ago to fight along side Sunni Muslims. Assad, who is probably the closest thing you can get to a “secularist” in the Muslim world, would have been replaced with Islamic supremacists had the U.S. succeeded. The “Arab Spring” was a myth (possible exception Tunisia).

      The real victims here are the religious and ethnic minority refugees, not the Muslim head-loppers. Harper is connected to reality.

      • occupant 9

        Kinda sorta. With the mass importation/invasion of Muslims since 911, under Harper’s watch, and with the accelerated extended family reunification program, Harper is working at the same project the rest of the west is; to replace the largely obediant and productive citizenry with folks with values that undo ours, with an ideology that is at best parasitic with an eye to appropriate the hard-earned achievements of others as great achievements of theirs.

        We increase funding for security, for watching new citizens (!) and never give a thought to whether or not Muslim immigration can anything but Muslim invasion … as we look at other nations that are further down the road to their own self-designed, imported extinction.

        The Left, on things like “global warming” say that we should act preventatively, shutting down everything so there’s a planet for our future children (of which the Left creates the fewest and kills the most). Take the same approach to Muslim immigration/invasion, would be to stop it and with haste reverse it in order so there’s a free country for our future children.

        • Yes, I wonder why Harper does not realize the necessity of avoiding all Muslim immigration. Or maybe he knows it but the bureaucrats in charge are impossible to control, given leftist power in the judiciary and in many regions and localities.

  • ontario john

    Hey, they are only Christians. Trudeau says protecting Christians first is disgusting. He must be right, because Chatelaine Magazine said Trudeau is so young and cool and every woman is going to vote for him. A muslim sharia woman wearing a bag over her head is more important.

    • Trudeau also said that anyone who is anti-abortion is “disgusting”, and that none of his MPs will be permitted to be pro-Life.

      But you know what is even more disgusting? The fact that Canada’s cowardly Bishops and religious leaders are not calling out Trudeau on his fetus-killing obsession. Our Bishops and religious leaders are going to spend the same eternity in the same hell as Justin Trudeau in the afterlife.

      • simus1

        Let us keep the deserved fate of all these scum in our prayers.

  • FactsWillOut

    They should prioritize protecting Canadian citizens, after all, isn’t that supposed to be their fucking job???!!!

    • Alain

      Not for citizens of convenience, otherwise yes.

  • Shebel

    I don’t understand how Justin, Mulcair and the CBC have managed to make it Islamophobic and Racist for Canada to want to bring in Christian refugees .

    Have we become so damned ‘politically correct ‘ that we will toss aside the those that are being slaughtered –in favour of those that do the killing ?

    • ntt1

      its the cultural marxist way. they hope that like alinsky’s rules for radicals ,the influx of barbaric un assimilatible people will bring down western society .

    • occupant 9

      In a word, yes. The Left operates on hyperbolic projection and wishful thinking. It is not for the Left to be consistent; they champion the culture and ideology (because it is exotic AND anti-Judeo-Christian) of Islam that is the epitome of what Feminism claims to be against, for but one example of the disconnect inherent inside the hivemind of the Zombies of Contradiction.

    • Alain

      Because bringing in real victims defeats their goal.

  • Shebel

    I don’t understand why the CBC insists on portraying a very sanitized picture of these Migrants . Apparently, 80% are not even from Syria . They are just young welfare shoppers out for a grande adventure. The worst that can happen is they get a free ride back home .
    If the CBC had any integrity —would they at least interview a few of these young Muslim males and then interview an equal number of Christian refugees and seek to find the True answers.

    This would represent Honest journalism –and justify your billion dollar handout.

    Why does your goal -CBC– always appear to be to fool Canadians ,in general–and keep us in the DARK? Is somebody paying you more?

    • Alain

      “If the CBC had any integrity” – either you jest or you haven’t followed the CBC for the last 50 years. On a serious note I suggest you give them credit where none is due.

    • Journalists (those in the MSM) are the biggest liars, manipulators, dishonest and evil people in the world today. Possibly worse than Islamists in their effect on the course of events, the eventual destruction of the West.