Tarek Fatah exposes radical links of Islamist who desecrated citizenship ceremony #elxn42

I have written about the ICNA previously.

A little about the ICNA: “The press release also recounted some of the views expressed at the aforementioned ICNA meeting. These included an exhortation that “Islam must be translated into political dominance”; pleas for support for “jihad” in “Chechnya, Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq [against U.S. forces], southern Sudan, and … in Bosnia/Kosova [sic]”; an appeal for unity among Pakistani Muslims against “Hindu Brahmins and Zionist Jews”; and an endorsement of Muslim women’s inclusion in carrying out jihad.”

Zunera Ishaq is employed by the ICNA Sisters, a branch of the ICNA.

Among the guests at the ICNA affiliated Al Falah Institute aka the Al Falah Islamic Centre, liked by Zunera Ishaq (see jpeg below) has been Khalid Yasin, who says Aids was created in America and used by Christian Missionaries to infect Africans.

The Al Falah Islamic Centre also hosted Bilal Phillips and Hakim Quick both of whom have called the murder of gays justified in Islam.

The ICNA dominates the Thorncliffe Park Parents Association.  I suspect the ICNA is heavily involved in the anti-sex-ed curriculum demonstrations at the local schools.

Note that one of the Facebook groups that  Zunera Ishaq has joined, Jamaat-e-Islami,  is the terrorist organization that was being funded by ISNA Canada.

ISNA had it’s charitable status revoked by the CRA for funding the group. Jamaat-e-Islami is recognized as an officially designated terrorist entity by our government.

zunera ishaq FB screenshot


Zunera Ishaq is affiliated with the ICNA Sisters and also with the MCNA – Muslim Children Of North America, operated by the ICNA Sisters.

I first posted on the ICNA Sisters and the MCNA several years ago, the site has since been stripped of the documents I retain in my possession.

It is a rigid, almost militaristic organization that tracks the habits of its members in a cult like manner as evidenced by this document “Islamic Circle of North America Canada Sister’s Wing Monthly Individual Report Form for Members”

Islamic Circle of North America Canada Sister’s Wing Monthly Report

A main focus of the group is Dawah or calling to the faith, missionary work as a Christian might describe it. The methodology is explained in the following document: Islamic Circle of North America Canada Sister’s Wing – Dawah

Islamic Circle of North America Canada Sister’s Wing -Dawah

I find it odd that the MCNA makes no mention of the veil being a requirement for students. In fact it is explicitly stated that the face and hands are not to covered in this document, Proper Islamic Clothing for Girls, ( see link below), secured from the MCNA site at the time of my original post, which may be read here.

Proper Islamic Clothing for Girls

Zunera Ishaq belongs to a Quran Study Group, you can see it listed in the “Group” section of her Facebook page posted above.

The name of the group is مطالعہ تفہیم القرآن roughly translated to Quran Study.

The group’s timeline is filled with Jihadist propaganda, such as the post I screen-grabbed below.

The English translation reveals the terror group named as Jaish-e-Mohammad, a Kashmir based Muslim terrorist organization.

Zunera Ishaq Quran Study Group Jihadist Propaganda














Zunera Ishaq also belongs to the Facebook group Students of Islam, you can see her Facebook group memberships in the jpeg posted above. I learned from this group that David Ben Gurion blackmailed David Rockefeller to ensure Israel had enough UN votes to be recognized as a state.

  • Sharkibark

    So this woman… who loves Canada so much she wants to thumb her nose at Canadian cultural norms – she`s at best a jihadi sympathizer and now a Canadian Citizen. When will this immigration madness stop?

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      Sure she has to be very careful for her actions , is she is cauth doing any terror act , she could be deported .

      • Lolwut?

        Omar seems to get a pass on this.


      • occupant 9

        … and the media keep telling us how xenophobic we are for thinking that Hallowe’en comes but once a year.

    • WalterBannon

      when we start summarily hanging treasonous bureaucrats and judges

  • Clink9

    Whoever permitted this pos into Canada should have to live with her.

    • Andre Roy

      “…should have to live with her ” or face trial for high treason!

  • ntt1

    This will turn out like the ongoing Parramatta investigation that has proven the interconnectivity of all muslims involved in terrorism. makes PMSH’s move to limit syrian aggressors flooding in , look more and more like a statesmanship,

    • shloime

      why not pay $30,000 to bring a family of 4 here for a year, to make bleeding hearts feel good about themselves, when refugees over there are living on 50 cents a day?

      but there’s no reasoning with the bleeding hearts, who just want “to DO something”, even if it isn’t something useful.

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    Your next Prime Sinister!

    • He is such an ass.

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        Are we even sure he is not Mick Jagger’s bastard son ?

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      Still has not learned to comb his hair.
      Perhaps his personal valet is on vacation.

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      A child with almost no experience of the real world. Like Obama he thinks ‘being nice’ is a strategy.

      What a catastrophe it will be when he lets in hundreds of thousands of mean spirited Muslims.

      A privileged drama teacher from a somewhat cuckoo mother and an arrogant father. Just what the libs like.

      • shloime

        it’s too bad that he didn’t inherit more from his arrogant father’s side than just a name.

  • dogwonder

    Not surprised, I suspected that the Islamists were behind the demands to Wahhabi up the citizenship oath?

  • moraywatson

    There are no good brands of islam Mr. Fatah, not even yours. But thanks anyway for foxy coverage of the muslim henhouse.

  • k1962

    Of course! Her Niqab says it all. I know her politics by seeing her niqab and her husbands ugly bushy beard.

  • Ron MacDonald

    It’s important to post these link in all Canadian newspaper, it could influence people not to vote Liberal or NDP

  • Ron MacDonald

    “Calgary police have charged a 66-year-old man with uttering threats and wearing a disguise with intent after he allegedly disrupted a Calgary candidates debate while wearing a Confederate flag over his face in an apparent protest of the niqab.”

    However, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a disguise at a citizenship ceremony.


    • k1962

      Poor guy. I’m sure the uttering threats is just b*llsh*t to make the rest of us behave.

    • Bad link.

      • Ron MacDonald

        It’s on the CBC website.

        • It does seem overblown, but Calgary cops are nutty.

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    Posted in the CBC comments section, I expected it will be deleted.

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    She’s the Toronto Star’s version of the “Sunshine Girl”.

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    strip her of citizenship and deport

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      Harper will hire her as an advisor 🙂

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    We were played hard…notice how the courts pushed to have her get CDN citizenship before vote. Disgusting. Post this page everywhere..tell all your lefty “friends” that they are disgusting pieces of excrement who support 5th column MB fronts.

  • Mickey Oberman

    The court has just hammered another Islamic nail into Canada’s coffin.
    What the hell is wrong with these judges?
    They seem to live in a never never land of their own making.
    They must, or should surely realize that some of their decisions could have a deleterious effect on our country.

  • So, can she have her citizenship revoked?

    Not that she is a Canadian citizen. She is a citizen in Canada. She hates Canada and no one should forget it.

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      Miss she could lose her citizenship if she is cauth committing any terrorist act .

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        I think your a dork but the word is caught.

      • Do you think she revealed any of this before assuming citizenship?

        She’s a fraud.

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    Chill out all those who think this will somehow hurt the conservative cause because the opposite is true. The polls continue to break more and more for us and the misogynistic prison garb fans in the libdipper brigade are who we can thank.

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    I’m sorry, but I will take Justin Trudeau’s advice over Tarek’s. Tarek is obviously a blatant islamaphobe……..

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    I never doubted for a moment that this piece of shit woman was dissing Canada as part of the soft jihad that her and others like her do. The idea is to poke as many holes in our culture and our memes as possible to weaken it … we are stupid to put up with this kunt and all other muslims who came here to Change Us. Wise up. They are all working for the cause or are supporting it through donation, participation or simply by letting it happen and doing nothing.

    • We are being undermined, by Islamists and our own Quislings.

  • Q_Impact

    I’m linked to this site, which is linked to Terek Fatah, which is linked to the ICNA so I must be a terrorist. The only hope I have is that Terek Fatah is more closely linked, so he is a bigger terrorist than me.

  • Sugarlarry

    “I suspect the ICNA is heavily involved in the anti-sex-ed curriculum demonstrations at the local schools.”

    But this website is opposed to Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum. How can you use this as a reason to argue against this woman, when you are in agreement?

    • I point it out as a service to those to whom it may matter FruityFlunky.

  • Jim Bob

    Vote Liberal and Canada will get more of this. God help us..