Overnight Thread…

Pip had an unfortunate adventure today.

The halls of our condominium are being renovated. Today was door painting day.

All the suites on our floor were asked to keep their doors open while the paint dried.

Pip, who has long claimed the hall as his territory much like Putin covets the Crimea slipped out when I was daydreaming to have a look around.

I was snapped out of my daze by the plaintive cries of a clearly distressed cat.

I rushed out to the hallway but could not see him, following his cries I found him in the foyer of a neighbor’s suite.

Pip was afraid to cross the threshold and re-enter the hallway to get back home.

Poor little guy was trembling when I picked him up but at least he stopped crying.

My suspicion is the workmen or the security guard shooed him into the neighbor’s suite mistakenly thinking he belonged there and he was afraid to come out.

I don’t wish to blame anyone but myself, Pip should not have been allowed to wander.

I gave him a Sardine, so we’re back to being friends. Sorta.

And with all that trauma behind us… enjoy Rosanne Cash: 500 miles

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  • I am so glad Pip is okay.

    • He is well and sleeping on Mom’s chair, which he feels is his chair of course.

      • andycanuck

        I thought you were going to say she’d gotten a white paint stripe down her back and a horny French skunk was wooing her!

        • Clink9

          Ooh La La.

  • bob e

    me too .. what a trauma

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    We used to leave our cat during the holidays and asked the neighbour lady to feed him.
    When we got back it took him a day to stop sulking.
    Then a couple of times we took him with us and he cried in the back window of the car for a couple of hours before hiding under the seats.
    He looked a lot like your PayPal Kitty.
    It’s been four years since we lost him and we are still finding his hair in our stuff.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Whenever my sister goes away on vacation, she has to board her ginger cat Tyler because he is diabetic. He terrorizes the vets and handlers until she returns and picks him up, at which he becomes his friendly self again.

  • Waffle

    Poor PiP!! But happy he is recovering and back home. The furthest Farfel will venture is the threshold of the doorway to the hall. He will stand there for a minute or two, survey the hall and then scamper back into the apartment. He has no problems however, going out onto “his” balcony at any time of the year. He especially likes it when it snows and he can go out and roll around in the snow. When I first got him, it took him a couple of months of intense observation before he’d venture outside.

    • Pip likes to get out and about in the hallway, we used to have as many as eight cats on the floor and we all would let them out for a meet, now only 5 exist and management put a damper on the cat exercise, so they are kept inside.

      • Waffle

        Cats are very social. When I lived in Vancouver with Suki, we used to have a little walk in the hall. She would sense the other cats behind the closed doors and yowl for them to come out.

        One time, though, we went up to the top floor so she could have a little walk about in the fresh air. She found a crow’s nest and went to inspect it. The mommy crow went ballistic and went into dive-bombing mode. She was huge and she could have easily snatched up Suki and dropped her from the top of the 10-storybuilding. A terrified Suki literally leapt into my arms and tried to hide while the angry crow hovered and cawed.

        But that wasn’t even the worst of it — one of the tenants — perhaps he was an owner — the building was a condo — went even more ballistic than the crow. He kept screaming that there were no cats in the building.

        • Some people hate cats. Like the Guy down the hall who beats his wife.

          • Waffle

            Any guy that hates cats would also beat his wife — just stands to reason.

          • Xavier

            My neighbor hates cats. He told me when cats came in his yard he shot them and threw the corpses in the dumpster. I told him not to shoot my cat, and when he asked why, I said “Because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in prison.” He’s not real bright but after thinking for a few minutes I think he got it.

          • tom_billesley

            Just as well. I guess it would be difficult lifting your neighbour’s corpse into the dumpster.

          • Xavier

            I wish I had a picture of him to post. He’s one of those thin, toothless, baccy-chewin’ white trash types.

          • Justin St.Denis

            I simply have to share the following. We have spent the last 11 months “working with” the municipality to address the “issue” of a trailer trash family renting a neighbouring property and running what looked like a metal scrapyard and automotive repair shop in their backyard. The area is zoned “residential only”.

            Almost one year and lots of patience and effort on our part later, and the trailer trash has up and moved. The municipality is taking the proprietor to court. I received my supoena to appear about a month ago.

            Good times ahead. 😉

          • Xavier

            In the old days a few men would have a little talk with him as he was exiting the building alone one evening.

            It wasn’t necessary to involve the police or judicial system – just a private matter between the menfolk.

          • Justin St.Denis

            With someone who is GENUINELY STUPID, however, this may not necessarily work. Stupid can be like armour, and nothing penetrates it sometimes.

  • Good story

  • Jay Currie

    I was expecting condo paint in painful places…. Glad he’s back.

  • Waffle

    Terrific version by Roseanne — looks like the stage of Austin City Limits — one of my favorite shows.

  • Waffle

    Here’s my contribution — one of the best duets I’ve heard in a long time:


  • ontario john

    Our cat will be totally stressed today, as she won’t be the center of the universe when family drops by for that evil Christian tradition of Thanksgiving.

    • Blacksmith

      My cats love when company comes over, more people means more hands to be used to adore said cats.

  • ontario john

    Remember the new Liberal Party slogan is “Protecting Christians is Disgusting”. Also the Saturday Toronto Star has become the most expensive political publication this election. Yes now that we are shocked that they have come out in official support of Turdeau, the whole paper today is Trudeau is good, Harper is evil. And a feminist gives her view on why the bag over the head is a victory for women’s rights. The editorial seems to proclaim that the most important issue is whiny indians. And the cultural elites are ganging up to tell the peasants how to vote. The CBC reports that 600 of Canada’s elite will have newspaper ads telling us not to vote for that Christian and Jew loving Harper. And don’t miss that full page ad the Star is running on how you can hear Canada’s favorite muslim journalist speak when he is welcomed back to Toronto.

  • ed

    my 3 cats 2 sisters and an adopted tom are lucky they have full access to the gated area and gardens through the patio door ,it`s been a good summer but they are now coming in at night . ed the cat butler !

  • Edubeat

    Just to get sardines and ham treats

  • dagawker
    • dagawker

      They might have been attempting to kidnap Pip,convert the poor thing and then try to turn him into a suicide bomber? BCF,you might have just saved his life?