Overnight Thread…

Pip had an unfortunate adventure today.

The halls of our condominium are being renovated. Today was door painting day.

All the suites on our floor were asked to keep their doors open while the paint dried.

Pip, who has long claimed the hall as his territory much like Putin covets the Crimea slipped out when I was daydreaming to have a look around.

I was snapped out of my daze by the plaintive cries of a clearly distressed cat.

I rushed out to the hallway but could not see him, following his cries I found him in the foyer of a neighbor’s suite.

Pip was afraid to cross the threshold and re-enter the hallway to get back home.

Poor little guy was trembling when I picked him up but at least he stopped crying.

My suspicion is the workmen or the security guard shooed him into the neighbor’s suite mistakenly thinking he belonged there and he was afraid to come out.

I don’t wish to blame anyone but myself, Pip should not have been allowed to wander.

I gave him a Sardine, so we’re back to being friends. Sorta.

And with all that trauma behind us… enjoy Rosanne Cash: 500 miles

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