Mulcair and Justin gettin Kissy Kissy #elxn42

Tom Mulcair says he is willing to work with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to form a government – and has even written that pledge into his platform – but he could never support Stephen Harper, and says his “No. 1 job” is to oust the Conservatives from office.

The NDP Leader has never been a fan of Mr. Harper’s brand of politics. But their divergence on matters of reasonable accommodation – especially when it comes to Muslims – has sent the New Democrats plummeting from first to third in what had been a tight three-way race.

  • Waffle

    You do realize that Justin and Tommy are 9th cousins going back to a common 17th century ancestor? Making up would be almost akin to incest (LOL!!)

  • I’ve never understood Mulcair’s bigoted obsession against anything or anyone that even smells of conservatism. I think it’s safe to say that his anti-conservative bigotry far surpasses any sort of racism we have witnessed in the history of Canada. The job of her Majesty’s Official Opposition is to hold the Canadian Government to account — oppose legislation that is bad for Canada, support legislation that is good for Canada, or energetically amend legislation that is somewhere in between.

    The role of the Opposition is NOT to overthrow a democratically-elected Government, whether through a violent coup, or a non-violent “bureaucratic” coup which is a violation of the people’s right to democratically elect their own Government.

    Fine and dandy if Mulcair wants to overthrow the Government through an election during election time — may the best man (or woman) win! But Mulcair is talking about subverting the will of the people AFTER THE ELECTION. Mulcair is a fascist and a Marxist, not a democrat.

    • He is all that and worse.

    • P.S. I hope Trudeau spits in Mulcair’s filthy fascist commie face. And knowing the insolence of Trudeau, I wouldn’t put it past him.

      • Alain

        That will depend on what his handlers tell him to do.

  • Ron MacDonald

    These asshole are hungry for power, they will form a coalition unless Harper gets a majority.

    • Alain

      I well remember the last time such a coalition attempted a coup, and everyone I knew was outraged including many who were not CPC voters. Most Canadians do not take kindly to this.

      • It’s more than a reason for “outrage” — it’s reason for an insurrection. If they want to run as a coalition, then put it on the ticket. Then Canadians can make the decision as to whether they want to vote for the coalition, or for Harper. But forming a coalition AFTER the election deprives Canadians of having that choice in the first place and essentially wastes their vote. It’s not Government “for the people, by the people”, it’s Government by bureaucratic conspiracy and coup.

        Hide your guns folks, don’t register them, and bury them in an air-tight, water-tight strong box somewhere. Because if the coup succeeds the first thing they will do is ban guns, and we may need them to shoot the fascists. (Justin has already mentioned more gun control in his platform if he is elected. He has also indicated that CSEC will be able to spy on Canadians — I can only imagine the extremes that Mulcair would go to!)

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        A coalition this time might be a bit more legit.
        Last time, Dion had already resigned pending a leadership race to replace him.
        So, he would have been a dead duck PM.
        Next, the Liberals and the NDP did not have enough seats to form a majority coalition outright.
        They had to rely on Bloc support even though the Bloc would not be a signatory to the coalition agreement nor a part of the government since they were essentially a separatist party and really could not participate in governing.
        It all stunk and that’s why proroguation worked.

  • WalterBannon

    Odd that Mulcair is collaborating with this muslim.