Jinns invade campuses


Last week, a workshop titled ‘Jinns and Black Magic’ was organised in Islamabad by the department of humanities at the COMSATS Institute of Technology (CIIT), one of Pakistan’s largest universities.

…Interesting logic was used to prove the existence of jinns and black magic. The speaker first categorised all unseen creatures into three types: those that fly; those that change shape and appearance depending upon circumstance; and those that find abode in garbage or dark places. Why, he asked, would Hollywood invest in horror movies and paranormal phenomena if these didn’t actually exist?

Also Einstein was making it all up. Read the whole thing.

h/t tom_billesley

  • How do we know a Jinn didn’t write this post?

  • marty_p

    Can you imagine some P@ki immigrant is filling out the paperwork to move to Canada and states this was part of his education… he tells the immigration officer my PHD thesis was “Jews, Jinns and Black Magic the cause of all the problems in the Muslim World”.

    • Martin B

      The immigration officer himself is probably some P@ki immigrant, so he’d have no problem with it.

    • Alain

      Perhaps but I doubt if women studies, gender studies and all the rest are on a higher level.

    • They thrive on this stuff.

  • Why, he asked, would Hollywood invest in horror movies and paranormal phenomena if these didn’t actually exist?

    Um, its kind of the inverse of why they don’t invest in movies about reality- one makes money the other, well, who will ever know…

  • Martin B

    “Pakistani universities should have been beacons of enlightenment, free inquiry, and bold new thinking. Instead they are sheep farms…The newly launched jinn invasion of campuses means that Pakistan’s cultural and intellectual decline will accelerate”

    Their campuses have been invaded by jinn, our campuses have been invaded by PC, which is at least as destructive.

    • Lectures on this stuff have been sponsored by the Ryerson MSA.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Stupid runs deep. Maybe it’s the first-cousin marriage thing again. Pakistanis are particularly stupid, rather like Somalis.

  • New Slogan: “When Gin is outlawed all the outlaws will be Jinn.”

  • Ed

    Looks like nobel prizes for science are still a ways off

    • Justin St.Denis

      Keen observation.

  • Dana Garcia

    So maybe universities should chill on Pak graduate students as teaching assistants in the sciences. Literary fiction is still a possibility, assuming English proficiency.