Gun Control and the Progressive Concept of Human Nature

There are some very interesting implications of the way progressive Democrats handle the shooting incidents and the way they handle other aspects of human behavior. Progressive Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders rebel against the idea that the only way for citizens to protect themselves from gun violence is to carry guns themselves.

Of course, they, like the liberal Hollywood movie stars who speak out against gun violence, are complete hypocrites.

They want one set of rules for themselves and another set for everyone else.

  • Gun control works.

    Sixteen 9mm rounds, into a 12 inch target, at 50 feet, in 10 seconds, is good control.

  • Xavier

    Progressivism is the ideology of hypocrisy. Their entire agenda is items they want to impose on others but not themselves: health care, gun control, free speech, higher taxes, climate change, etc.

  • G

    What to do about gun control:
    1) Find machinists who are firearms enthusiasts and gunsmiths and network with them publish firearms production plans on the internet & tell people to download them & print them.

    2) find out how to make smokeless powder & primers & ammo casings at home & publish this information on the internet — copy to hundreds of websites.

    More suggestions to follow. Gotta go. Happy thanksgiving. everyone.

  • k

    I bet there have been MORE deaths due to POISON than guns
    IT just does NOT get reported
    The coroners don’t know how to LOOK FOR IT

    How come mentally ill kids HAVE JUST STARTED DOING THESE MASS GUN KILLS?

    We have always had guns around
    We have always had the mentally ill around
    There MUST be another trigger here….hmmm…
    I would look at the recent appearance of the computer gamers cult among young boys to tip the balance for the mentally ill

    Personally I would no allow anyone under the age of 27 to get a permit for a gun
    Mental illness comes out between that ages of 16-25
    Raging hormones start calming down in the late 20’s

    There are a lot of biological issues to crime not just social and economic

  • DMB