Woman votes wearing Potato Sack on her head #elxn42

NB: Google Translate

On the first day of advance voting in Canada, a resident of Quebec is presented in a Quebec poll face covered with a bag.

The incident took place in the afternoon, in the riding of Louis-Hébert, in the Cap-Rouge sector. According to a witness, the woman’s face was covered with a potato sack. She refused to reveal her face, but produced the necessary identification.

Richard Lavigne, the returning officer for the constituency, said that the resident was sworn as provided by law. It then voted with his face still covered the bag.

h/t Gisele

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    You know, this guy could vote too then!

    • Damn right he could!

      • Of course he could vote because the champions of this ridiculous “valid ID” is all that is required to vote have forgotten that having a “valid” piece of ID is different than that “valid ID” being your own ID.
        Then of course these people will double down on their ridiculousness by saying that using someone else’s ID is illegal but they never get around to mentioning how a person would check this “valid ID” to a person with their face covered. The very existence of photo ID’s was to combat the illegal use of other people’s ID or easily made counterfeit non-photo ID.
        Then they will triple down on the ridiculous by saying that not all “valid ID” is photo ID but again never mention that when your face isn’t covered, and using non-photo “valid ID,” if it’s found out later that the person using the “valid ID” was using someone else’s ID illegally then at least you would have a suspect for the crime. Otherwise you find out that someone else is using the ID and the suspect description is “likely a woman wearing a potato bag on her head.”
        It’s odd how “valid ID” and positive identification through that ID is more important to Canadian governments if the person is trying to buy smokes or alcohol than it is for voting.

        • North_Of_7

          Bang on my man!!

  • Clink9

    I wimped out today and voted with no mask. Next time maybe a Blazing Cat Fur bag on my head.

    • WE get to vote in our condo, maybe I could rig somethin.

      • Clink9

        We’ll need photos or it didn’t happen!

  • Voting officials are such pansies.

  • Edubeat

    Must be a Leafs fan they have worn paper bags it alot over the last 48 years

    • In Quebec?

      • Frances

        Especially in Quebec. Any Leaf fan there has to be super-anonymous.

        • Canadian

          Damn right!

          • Frances

            Shouldn’t that be “canadien”? Or – perchance – “canadienne”?

          • Canadian

            It would be Canadien on a french blog.

        • My point was that there are no Leaf fans in Quebec;)

          • eMan14

            There are in Montreal. At least 5.

          • Canadian


          • andycanuck

            And Edubeat’s was that there is one and she has to keep hidden and probably keep at least 10 paces behind her Habs’ fan husband. Luckily it hasn’t ended in an honour killing. Yet.

          • Canadian

            It will!

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          When I moved from Winnipeg to Saskatoon I was pleased to find that we only had to have a rear licence plate.
          I said to my new Saskatoon co-workers that I’d like to put a Bomber plate in the empty space.
          They shook their heads and softly said I don’t think you should do that.
          And then I remembered that time where Paul McCallum missed a field goal in a playoff game and someone dumped a load of manure on his front lawn in November.
          So, I didn’t get a Bomber plate.

  • El Martyachi

    Billy was right.

    • He’ll be pleased;)

      • El Martyachi

        I mean.. what’s the point in voting if ya can’t see which box to check?! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!

  • JoKeR

    You are being so negative.

    Why don’t you include the possibility that it was done for a very good reason? For instance if the voter was Judy Rebick, the sack was so that the sight of her would not induce the usual response of projectile vomiting her image induces in many people.

    • Joey B

      Well you have a point there, but I’m sure that Elections Canada could provide anti-nausea medication for such situations?

  • Ho Hum

    I hope this sparks a trend. I would love to see someone try to vote wearing a KKK hood Also with Halloween upon us lots of funny possibilities. It is the perfect way for Canadians to protest the absurdity of allowing a Muslim woman to wear a Niqab while voting (or taking an oath).

    • Bobd06

      Anytime you have to get guv services wear a mask.
      You will be denied and it will show the pointless nature of calling the anti niqab people whatever. It will expose the BS for what it is.

  • Joey B

    So in other words, we don’t know if this person who voted was the person whose identification he/she/it produced.

    • Alain


    • Canadian

      But we know that no one else will vote with the same ID.
      So it doesn`t really matter.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Yes, it does matter.
        The ID doesn’t vote.
        For all we know, the person whose ID that is could be in a shallow grave.

        • Canadian

          Could be, but not there.
          It`s a small place, and they probably recognized her handbag. ;- )

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            You know, that reminds me of the Wizard of Oz.
            When Dorothy’s house lands on the ground it kills the Wicked Witch of the East.
            And the Good Witch of the North gives Dorothy the dead witch’s shoes.
            Why didn’t everyone in Oz call Dorothy a murderer?
            Well, the Wicked Witch of the West certainly didn’t like Dorothy.
            Maybe we should look at that story a little differently.
            Who’s the real villain?

          • Canadian

            I`m dizzy…
            I never saw or read The Wizard of Oz.
            Most fairy tales have people killing others that are said to be bad.
            They sure aren`t PC.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Well, if you haven’t seen the Wizard of Oz I know for sure you are not gay.

          • Canadian

            LOL! I sure am not gay.
            Happy, smiling, but not gay anymore.
            Queers appropriated the word.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Well, legend has it that Judy Garland, who had an awesome singing voice, is a gay icon.
            And the left appropriates a lot of words when too many people figure out what the old words really mean.
            That’s how communists became socialists became liberals became progressives.
            I think we should appropriate transcendental before they do.

          • Canadian

            Well, seeing how they take words and change the meanings, and the ever-growing list of forbidden and illegal words, it`s getting more and more difficult to communicate!
            I hope I didn`t use one of these words….

        • k

          How come they don’t object to their photos being taken for ID? I thought photographs were verboten

      • lolwut?

        The ID could be stolen or the person is dead.

        • Canadian

          Right, of course, but then this means that swearing that you are who you say you are means nothing.

      • Joey B

        It doesn’t really matter? Are you serious? Of course it matters. Because who is to say that the person who voted with the ID of some one else would have voted the same was as the person who is represented on the ID? You can’t be serious.

        • Canadian

          The number is very small.
          If there were thousands of them, I would say it matters.
          And of course, I know very well that in the case of the beheaders, any oath taken is worth exactly nothing.
          The thing swore an oath when becoming a citizen, and of course it lied.
          But I see no possible problem with a beheader voting in place of another. Both will never vote Conservative.

          • Joey B

            You know, I have witnessed some very bizarre things taking place in political campaigns. A few years ago, I went to a provincial Liberal leadership election just to see what went on (I’m not a Liberal and I had to have a shower after I went to it). It was an absolute horror show. There were buses of people brought in who couldn’t speak English and were herded like cattle with their ballots and were shown where to put their “x” and then they were herded like cattle back onto the buses to be taken back to wherever they came from. It was a disgusting display of vote buying. And I have little doubt similar things happen with the actual elections as well.

          • Canadian

            It was common practice, but I don`t know if it still happens.

          • Joey B

            You bet it does.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    This is inspiring.

    I will be voting in a ‘Count Chocula’ mask.

    Count Chocula and BooBerry cereal, both only available in Canada around Hallowe’en, each come with a cut-out mask on the back of the box.

    Come on my fellow Canucks, let’s get out there and get ‘Counted’ on Election Day!…..

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Can you take a garden gnome with you as well?

  • KenPetkau

    The fellow on the left in the photo is an example of most Canadians as to Sharia creep in Canada.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Methinks lots of Quebecers may vote Conservative out of fear Justin and Mulcair will allow Muslims to do as they please.

    • KenPetkau

      Hope you are right.

  • dagawker
    • Good one.

      • andycanuck

        Yeah, I love the “ceinture fleche” one in particular.

  • Blacksmith

    Well played, I applaud this person.

  • Ho Hum

    It looks like this is turning into a trend ! 🙂

    A voter in Gatineau


  • Canadian

    What`s good for the beheaders is also good for the beheadees.

  • Ho Hum

    And more protesters! This is becoming a trend! Maybe there is hope for Canada after all!


  • Kathy Prendergast

    Good for her…or him…or “it”…really, you’d think Google Translate could do a better job translating French to English; it’s not like the languages are all that different and they both have gender pronouns.

    • Canadian

      I guess Google applied the “it” to “the resident” .
      I think that their translation is getting better. A few years ago, it was impossible to understand.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Kinda like Maurixio the goddamned spic.

        • Canadian


      • andycanuck

        And couldn’t tell that it was a “her” face and not a “his” face.

  • Bobd06

    That person should not have been allowed to vote. Elections Canada needs to be held account. One person one vote.

  • Sugarlarry

    You guys know that women wearing niqabs actually do visually identify themselves before the swearing in ceremony, right?

    • Bobd06

      Yes they do. But declaring citizenship is also declaring you are embracing Canadian traditions or “values”. Women are not treated as chattel in this country and are assumed all forms of equality. The covering of women by any means is to appear to treat them as property and is against the openness of western values of no one covers their face except for nefarious reasons.
      That has to stand!
      There needs to be a line drawn. Those women that shun the niqab or embrace western culture could be subject to honor killings, is that acceptable too?.
      My God we don’t want to offend anyone.
      By refusing to integrate into and accept Canadian “values’ why are they here?
      If it’s just a welfare check send them home.

      • Sugarlarry

        You have no idea what being Canadian even means. If you did, you would recognize that our Charter of Rights says these women can wear this garb. The courts have made this very clear.

        It’s funny, but 200 years ago, people tried to ban the kilt in the Common Wealth.

        The niqab is definitely a troubling garment. But it’s absurd to forbid an adult from wearing something on the grounds that it oppresses them. And seeing as we do live in a multicultural society that supposedly respects freedom of religion and other cultural differences, it’s crazy to think that doesn’t apply here. Would you forbid a kilt at the swearing in ceremony for not embracing Canadian values? Or the turban? (Because you guys, including Harper, tried to ban that 20 years ago.)

        While people might cover their faces for nefarious reasons, that’s not this case. In this case it is a cultural garment. And since these women actually show their faces before the ceremony, you can’t actually make the claim that they are hiding their identities.

        You people aren’t concerned about women’s rights. If you were, you would be beating down the door to oust the Conservatives. Here is a list of 17 ways Harper and the Conservatives have hurt and ignored women:

        Harper just can’t really be bothered to address gender inequality. “According to a report issued by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives last fall, Canada lacks the political will to achieve equality between men and women.”

        Harper would rather not talk about women. Plans for a women’s-issues debate in the current federal election campaign collapsed after the Prime Minister declined to participate and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair later chose not to participate without Harper’s attendance.

        They voted against a national action plan to end violence against women, despite the fact that on average, every six days a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner.

        They closed 75% of Status of Women offices.

        They voted against a pay equity bill despite the fact that Canadian women make $8000 less yearly than their male counterparts at the same job – a gap that’s double the global average.

        They closed the long gun registry, a crucial form of gun control created in the wake of the 1989 Ecole Polytechnique femicide, where 14 women were shot and killed by a man. Long guns are the most common type of firearm used in spousal homicides. Over the past decade, 71% of spousal homicides involved rifles and shotguns.

        The Conservatives removed a question on unpaid work like domestic chores and childcare (done primarily by women) from the long-form census. In the 2006 census, StatsCan reports that, on average, “women spend about an hour a day more on basic housework chores than their male counterparts.”

        Omnibus bills C-38 and C-45 significantly dismantled Canada’s environmental protection WAVAW (Women Against Violence Against Women) staff suggested this item for this list because, “as Lee Maracle Says, “Feminism begins with considering the earth our Mother. All violence against earth is violence to us.”

        Harper ended the Court Challenges Program which provided an essential source of financial assistance for important court cases that advance equality rights guaranteed under Canada’s Constitution. The cuts effectively silence very marginalized groups of Canadians as it removes from them an opportunity to challenge federal and provincial laws which may affect them at some point in the future. When questioned, Harper said, “Mr. Speaker, this government intends to behave in a constitutional manner.”

        They cut $1 billion in childcare funding within 3 hours of being elected.

        There are 1181 documented murdered and missing Indigenous women across Canada and the United Nations has called for urgent action. In response the Prime Minister said the issue “isn’t really high on our radar” then lied and said “I haven’t said that all.”

        They eliminated funding to six different Canadian women’s health organizations.

        They changed immigration rules to force women to stay with a spouse who sponsors them for a minimum of two years. This forces untold numbers of migrant women to stay in relationships with abusive spouses.

        They eliminated a human rights agency that provided women’s health, training and counselling projects in 17 countries around the world.

        Women of colour are 48% more likely to be unemployed than white men. The Conservatives have eliminated the National Council on Welfare which had existed to advise the government on effective welfare policy for 43 years. They then changed Employment Insurance rules require laid-off workers to take jobs they might previously have considered unsuitable, possibly with up to 30 per cent less pay or lose their EI benefits.

        Canada has fallen to 23rd in the United Nations world ranking of gender inequality.

        The Conservatives have the lowest percentage of female politicians and Canada now ranks 42nd in the world in terms of female political empowerment.

        • Vuil

          Hey you f’wit they don’t integrate. Go to Scarborough in TO and there are area where you’d swear your are in a cold version of the ME.

          Stop being so PC and get that into your thick head.

          So I can insist that my drivers license is taken with a mask on, I can visit a bank with a mask on, my passport photo can be taken with a mask on and, of course, I can vote with a mask on.

          Trouble is with liberals they lack common sense.

          • Sugarlarry

            First generation immigrants rarely do integrate. Second and third, totally integrate. I know three second generation Muslims. One is a hippie chick who bakes for a living. Another is an outstanding graphic designer/rapper, and the other is a brilliant systems admin with a love of whiskey, bacon and poker. All of them are pretty much atheists.

            And no. You can’t wear a mask on your drivers license or on a passport photo, and neither do they. So not only do you lack common sense, you’re ignorant.

          • Larry are you aware how many Muslim terrorists are in fact 2nd and 3rd generation? Many with above average education etc?

          • lolwut?

            And all the terrorist attacks since 9/11 were committed by the CHILDREN of those fine, upstanding Muslim immigrants.

          • Sugarlarry

            And 150 years ago the Irish actively tried to create a new Irish republic in the heart of North America, launching constant attacks on American and Canadian targets. I guess we should have deported the Irish by this argument.

            Or maybe we should lock up most rightwingers, since they are responsible for most of the American-born terror attacks in the US? (Olympics/Oklahoma)

          • By the way, are you sure those three rapping whiskey guzzing atheist “Muslim” chicks are so representative of wider demographic trends? You might want to do a little research on how much second and third generation Muslims actually do integrate into Western societies.

            Sorry to get Daily Mail germs on you (if you’ve never heard of it, it’s not the sort of paper you’re supposed to approve of), but you could look at some actual numbers to see just how much Western-born Muslims are integrating. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1340599/WikiLeaks-1-3-British-Muslim-students-killing-Islam-40-want-Sharia-law.html

            (There is a great deal of this kind of information available. There’s quite a bit of evidence that Western-born Muslims are more aggressive politically and religiously than their parents and grandparents were.)

        • Why do you hate women, Larry? You want women walking around with bags on their heads?

          I bet you wouldn’t do that to an animal. But you’ll happily endorse cultures that do it to a woman.

          “You people aren’t concerned about women’s rights.”

          Oh but I am. Which is why I want woman-hating cultures out of Canada. It’s not that complicated. Just don’t let them in. We have no obligation to let such primitive and degenerate people into Canada. We have no obligation to let anyone into Canada.

          To quote from memory the great Jay Currie: “Wife in a bag? You can’t come in!”

          It’s easy, larry. It’s easy if you try.

          And no more cut-‘n-pastes from sad little Harper-is-the-devil websites. I’m an insomniac, but other than me nobody is reading this crap. You’ve got to know that.

          “They (DevilTories) changed immigration rules to force women to stay with a spouse who sponsors them for a minimum of two years. This forces untold numbers of migrant women to stay in relationships with abusive spouses.”

          No, it doesn’t. They can go back home. Why is this impossible? We let them in because they’re supposed to be married to somebody. Immediately they hit Canadian soil they’re not living with the guy they’re supposed to be married to. Because they were never married to him in the first place. It’s a scam. Solution? Go. Back. Home. Bitch.

          You just regurgitate talking points. You are mindless. Look at you, you can’t even spell your own name.

          There are 1181 documented murdered and missing Indigenous women across Canada and the United Nations has called for urgent action. In response the Prime Minister said the issue “isn’t really high on our radar” then lied and said “I haven’t said that all.”

          Yeah, I think Indian men should stop murdering Indian women too. Maybe your white ass should write them an open letter and post it in the Globe or the Star. Piss off, lare.

          • Sugarlarry

            So why won’t you let women make their own choices? You can’t honestly say “I’M GONNA FORCE YOU TO TAKE OFF THAT NIQAB SO YOU CAN’T OPPRESS YOURSELF.”

          • Just don’t let them into the country. What about this are you not getting? People who come from these sorts of cultures are a huge drain on our society in many ways. We already have plenty of curry restaurants.

            Do you understand that women are possessions in Islamic culture? If a muslima takes her bag off there’s a good chance she’ll be murdered by her owners/family. It’s horrible but I can’t help them and I want them and their nightmare culture to stay in Pakistan and etc.

            By the way, your pro-gun-confiscation thing about the Polytechnique massacre? Lepine’s real name was Gamil Gharbi. His father was an Algerian wife-beater.

            Wouldn’t it have been nice if Gharbi Sr. had stayed in Algeria?

          • Sugarlarry

            Every single immigrant group was met by the same hostile, stupid, ignorant rednecks like you. And every single one of them integrated and contributed to making this a great nation.

          • Tsk tsk. Such a bigoted attitude. This is why people resent being forced to pay for the CBC, Larry. Its producers are a bunch of aggressive sanctimonious leftists who hate normal Canadians.

          • No FructoseFrankie, that isn’t true. The Italians Jews etc etc etc were not trying to impose the customs of a supremacist cult on our society.

            Stop drinking the Kool-Aid GlucoseGlen.

          • And women, who are physically weaker than men, need guns to defend themselves from people like Gamil Gharbi. Do you like it when women get shot, Larry?

            In complete honesty,my working theory is that left-wing infidel guys who endorse Islam have actually found a politically correct way to vent their hostility to women. Blink at a chick the wrong way in your Poly-sci class? You might end up on a sex offender registry. Endorse the practice of cliterectomized women spending their lives walking around in bags because they come from a culture where their men have been told that if you can see a woman she’s whorish rape-bait? That’s very open minded of you.

            But Harper? That guy just hates women. Boo, hiss.

          • Sugarlarry

            Nobody on the left endorses female circumcision. Nobody. Ever. And supporting a woman’s right to choose to wear a niqab does not equal supporting the concept of the niqab. It’s about supporting the choice of an adult. This is called “freedom”. Something rightwingers claim to support, but in fact consistently fight against unless it involves the ownership of things designed to kill people.

            As for your question “Do you like it when women are attacked, Larry?”

            This is nothing more than a silly and sad little attempt at deploying a rhetorical device known as a loaded question. You should really read up on this strategy before trying to use it.


          • Not so much a loaded question as a taking of your position to its logical conclusion. And since you support Islam you support female genital mutilation. Maybe you oppose it in theory, but since you’re trying to enable sharia practices you are supporting clit-chopping in practice. Which I think is rather evil of you.

            Now it’s Thanksgiving so I’m sure you have some “I’m-so-sorry-we-stole-Turtle-Island” protest to focus on. Maybe go do that.

          • Sugarlarry

            You wouldn’t know logic if it bit you on the @ss. That’s like saying if you support Christianity, you endorsed the burning of Jews during the Inquisition. Or support the God Hates Fags gang.

            For all intense purposes I’m an atheist. I think everybody who believes in god/gods is a little bit crazy delusional. But also support people’s right to worship their imaginary friends in whatever way they see fit, so long as they don’t hurt anybody else.

            The niqab is a loaded garment. I reserve the right to be critical of it, which I think we should be in a constructive way. But I would no more ban it than I would ban people from wearing a symbol that represents a horrifically tortured body around their necks.

          • Calm down. Getting all sputteringly emotional is no way to convince anyone to respect you.

            If a bunch of Lutherans move to a community in Canada, this will not result in anybody throwing an auto-da-fé. See, the inquisition hasn’t existed for centuries. If a bunch of people who dress their womenfolk in bags move to town, there will be cliterectomies. You know this, of course, so I think your demanding that I explain it to you is rather petulant.

            Here, read about how much FGM there is in Britain. I looked up The Guardian’s pieces on this because I assume that you’re largely in sympathy with its politics. https://www.google.ca/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=female%20genital%20mutilation%20guardian

            “…wearing a symbol that represents a horrifically tortured body around their necks.” Edgy! Not really. The Taboo Smashing Atheist schtick is a bit played. http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/33009-if-jesus-had-been-killed-twenty-years-ago-catholic-school

          • Larry the left’s default position is moral cowardice, which you exhibit in spades.

          • El Martyachi

            Since I too am an insomniac.. well..here’s an oldie that somehow never gets old. Behold: a man person of the left on the network of the left interviews a clitoral circumcised female.


        • Sugarlarry you do realize you are enabling sharia law, the code of a supremacist cult don’t you?

        • El Martyachi

          Thankfully we have people like you, along with journalists, universities, K12 schools, the bureaucracy and, of course, the CBC to explain to us “what being Canadian even means”.

          Really Larry, I don’t know what we’d do without you. Actually yes I do.

          As for that “gender inequality” stuff.. the CPC was off to a good start. Hopefully they retain political power long enough to consolidate some of it, kick some (a lot) more of you clowns to the curb and avoid being another cyclical speed bump on the progressive highway to hell.

          I have little hope though, you see. Congratulations on the long term “win”.

          • I’m not saying “Larry” spent 15 years as a CBC radio producer. I’m just saying that a guy with the same name as “Larry” uses in his email, who happens to live and run for local government in the very town from which “Larry’s” IP emanates, did.

            Ah, the CBC. Where would we be without it? How would we know what our betters think?

          • El Martyachi
          • Now now. Larry is helping us. Some people don’t realize that Pierre Trudeau invented Canadian Identity in 1982.

            They need saving from themselves.

          • El Martyachi
          • Sugarlarry

            Incidentally… what did Kirk end up doing? He helped the Klingons who later became one of the Federation’s most trusted allies. Maybe find another analogy.

          • El Martyachi

            I’m not that deep. If it’s bad for you, it’s good. Plus.. temporally shifted event manifestations since the Abrams reboot and all that. Anything goes now 😉

          • El Martyachi

            And so sick of the 1982 as year zero

          • El Martyachi

            How would we know what our betters think?

            If that’s the CBC’s function.. it could be replaced by distributing this broad’s photo to every household. We’d just need to look at the wall and ask ourselves what she would think. Way less than a billion a year.


          • It figures.

          • El Martyachi
          • Sugarlarry

            There it is folks. Claims to hate Muslims for their anti-women stance, actively supports Con efforts to “kick” women to the curb.

          • Did he say anything about “kick(ing) women to the curb”?

          • Sugarlarry

            You tell me what he meant by:

            “As for that “gender inequality” stuff.. the CPC was off to a good start. Hopefully they retain political power long enough to consolidate some of it, kick some (a lot) more of you clowns to the curb and avoid being another cyclical speed bump on the progressive highway to hell.”

            Now I assume he didn’t actually mean that he literally wanted to kick anybody to the curb. But it’s pretty clear he agreed with the 17 things Conservatives did which in fact kicked women to the curb.

          • El Martyachi

            Yes it’s all true. Kick harder, faster, deeper .. but most importantly.. MORE.

          • El Martyachi

            I didn’t (it was “you folks” that need the curb kicking — which admittedly would include a disproportionately high number of women due to “equity” hiring). And I don’t “hate Muslims for their anti-women stance”… though that’s as good a reason as any.

            But, since we’d never even agree on what terms like “disproportionately”… “fairness” (or even “Canadian”) mean.. whatever floats your boat. I really don’t care. If it hurts progressives, it’s good. I cite irreconcilable differences.

  • TerrorSquad

    I’ve noticed more and more facists forcing their wives to wear the prison garb around town in Victoria. I always sneer and say you should be ashamed of yourself when I pass by. Any good ideas for a voting costume?

    • H

      How about voting with a Trudeau or Mulcair mask on? Or perhaps a nun’s habit? How about a bee-keeper’s outfit, since they resemble those elegant clothes worn by female religion of peace enthusiasts?

  • TerrorSquad

    I also plan on bringing my terrorists for Mulcair sign to his events in town tomorrow.

  • antiMåhãmmäd ﷺ

    Hahahaha, love it!

  • William Watson

    Oh, my, I warned #blazingcatfur about this bullshit a year ago, and I got mocked for being racist… What goes around…

  • modheaven7@gmail.com

    This is happening all over Quebec, I’ve heard.

    Thank God for the people of Quebec, to make this point.

    The burqa is required by law in Saudi Arabia.
    It is part of the military uniform of the Islamic State.

    This is Canada!

    We need to stand up for Canadian values!

    John of Canada

  • William Watson

    I am going to vote wearing an LCBO paper bag with eye-slits cut out.

    Who is with me?