Why Louise Arbour is Wrong About the Niqab #elxn42

According to the former Supreme Court justice Louise Arbour, Canada ‘cannot liberate niqab-wearing women against their will’. She is the latest in a string of political high-flyers to come out against the Harper government’s stance on the niqab. Characterizing the debate as insubstantial and strategic is an insult to the many Canadians who have been moved to speak on the issue. Why are the desires of ordinary Canadians being undermined by public figures?

  • G

    Because public figures hold ordinary Canadians in extreme disdain.

  • Has Supreme Court justice Louise Arbour ever hear of the Stockholm Syndrome?

    She should be smart enough to understand. Unless of course she has allowed PC brainwashing to override reality.

    Shame on her. It is only the women of Islam she is letting down.

  • Blacksmith

    I don’t give a shit about liberating these stupid women, I will be happy for any who are freed and appreciate it, the ones who don’t can just pack their shit and go back to shitstainistan.
    What I care about is my safety and that of those I care about. They wouldn’t let me go through life in a mask say at a bank or to court to hide my face so why the hell should these assholes get that privilege.

    • G

      I really don’t give a shit about these women either. But really the point of the niqab this is not about “liberating” anybody. It’s about preventing voter fraud.

      Excuse me, um … goat stinking, middle eastern bitch?” Yeah you, the one wearing the garbage bag and has breath like a camel’s asshole. I don’t care if you’re oppressed. I don’t care if you’re liberated. I don’t care about you period.

      I DO care about election fraud in the community, province and country where I live. So take off the Halloween get up.

      The asshole elitist judges turned this entire thing into a question of rights so they could get away with some more social engineering and stick it to the conservative government. The last 15 years of judicial decisions have all been about telling the elected governments, (mostly conservative but sometimes to a lesser extent Liberal) who really runs this country.

  • Alain

    Arbour is a sorry radical leftist cunt and always has been. I seldom use that term, but it is the most appropriate I can find for her.

    • Mal

      This is Mal, and I approve of this message.

    • Justin St.Denis

      That word makes most Canadians uncomfortable, women in particular. But – on rare occasions – even Canadians resort to it when every other word fails to accurately capture/communicate their disapproval and disdain.

  • dogwonder

    When the leftwing loons assert the government has no business telling Muslim women what to wear kindly remind them the government forces us to wear helmets, seat belts, shoes and clothing in public. The left have no issue with telling us what to wear and when to wear it but balk at telling seventh century female Islamists to take off their face masks. It’s almost funny in a sick liberal way, two of hubby’s coworkers are ubber liberals and they agree with Harper not Justine.

    • WalterBannon

      good point, I trust the courts will immediately strike down all provincial seat belt and helmet laws. this is a precident

  • Ron MacDonald

    It should be interesting to see how many Canadians show up to vote with their faces covered.

    • G

      zero, canadians are too scared.

  • Brenda

    It’s interesting how the left has started to panic over this issue, and is calling in the big guns, medium guns, and little guns. See for instance Leah Mclaren’s article today in the G&M, where she manages to prove the exact opposite of her thesis: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/parenting/culture-fights-like-the-niqab-debate-not-worth-the-social-divisions-they-foster/article26716574/

    Thank goodness a lot of the commenters call her out on it.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Leah McLaren is an idiot. I believe that was established as a “cold fact” over a decade ago. Does anyone still read her drivel? I’m surprised if they do since Leah is so obviously short on brains and insight.

  • And the most egregious examples of “forcing women to be liberated” is embodied by Supreme Court justices such as Arbour and Beverly McLachlin. They are living examples of why women should not be appointed to the Supreme Court simply because they are “women” (i.e. radical feminists).

    In a recent case before McLachlin for example, where a man had thrice (3x) been threatened by his ex-wife, she ruled in favour of the woman. These were not idle threats — in two (2) of the incidents she was caught red-handed by undercover cops paying tens of thousands of $dollars to a professional hit man to murder her ex-husband. The cops’ evidence was irrefutable — everything was videotaped. And in one instance the lady incited male family members to beat the man to death with a steel bar — evidence again irrefutable, there were witnesses and part of the beating was caught on cell-phone camera.

    Three clear attempts of attempted murder against her ex-husband, and McLachlin let the lady off scott-free. Women do not belong on the bench simply because they are “women”. Moreover, they should be publicly vetted for their sympathies with radical feminist ideology. It seems we have never learned from the extreme bias shown by the courts for the mass-murder Karla Homolka.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Karla Homolka will probably be named a Supreme Court Justice by some future Lib or NDP zombie who manages to get elected by stupid Canadians.

      • Gary

        So will Omar Khadr .

  • Ed

    LOL Arbour is a Hillary Clinton clone. A ms. bossy pants, who has never known self doubt, who has marinaded for most of her life in the bowels of victim feminism, imagines herself uniquely endowed with insight and circumspection, and just generally a grating nuisance.

  • WalterBannon

    Her thinking would be improved if a hemp rope was attached to her neck…

    • Mal

      It would just slip over the narrow point, Walter.

  • Shebel

    This nonsense has nothing to do with Liberating women ..
    It has everything to do with the West bowing on bended knee to Islam.
    If you want to give your Freedom away to Islam and Sharia than your best bet –Is to
    Vote for Justin.