Trudeau’s numbers don’t add up #elxn42

Justin Trudeau has trouble when it comes to budgeting.

He was for balancing the budget before he was against it.

In a recent interview, he told a CTV host that if folks want to know how much his promises will cost taxpayers, we can pull out a calculator and crunch the numbers ourselves.

So when the Liberal party unveiled the math behind its election campaign promises, Trudeau was nowhere to be found.

The party’s financial brass outlined its plan to add a jaw-dropping $146.5 billion in new government spending over the next four years, financed through debt, increased taxes and targeted cuts.

Trudeau’s style-over-substance approach to politics means he causes more harm than good at these kinds of economic discussions.

  • Censored_EG

    Talking about the economy and having a grasp of basic statistics may not be Justin’s strong points, but my oh my he sure loves loves loves Islam! I shudder to imagine PM Justin Trudeau. *ugh*

  • Glenfilthie

    The only way that idiot can make those promises work is through gubbermint mandated wage and price controls.
    And of course, when that whoreson’s father did it with the NEP in Alberta he ended up with two provinces that wanted to separate – one a useless fwench parasite, and the other an industrial power house.
    Screw you, Justin. Go spark up a fattie with the kids at the mall and leave the leadership to the men.

  • ontario john

    Breaking news on the job report for Sept. Job creation for the month was better than expected. But Ontario lost jobs. Must be that evil Harper picking on Ontario again. It couldn’t be the Liberal party’s fault. To say that would be homophobic.

  • andycanuck
  • Scaramouche

    The song that Justin’s singing: “To everything (spend, spend, spend) there is a season (spend, spend, spend)…

    • jayme

      A song that is quite popular in our often shallow, nihilistic and materialistic society.

    • Heh;)

  • Rick

    Trudeau and the Liberals are using almost an exact copy of the tactics used in the 2 Obama elections. ‘Real change’, ‘hope and change’. Notice how they have turned the election into a contest of competing personalities rather than anything of substance or policy. Will the Canadian electorate buy it? Who knows?

    • I am thinking they won’t. The polls are not reflective of the majority.

    • Waffle

      At this particular point in time, it looks as if the electorate is going to buy it with the media cheerleading them on. Torontonians have always gone for style over substance. We are now in the 12th year of a Lieberal regime — one woman actually told me she liked the way Kathleen spoke!! And, John not-a-Tory Tory definitely looks better in a suit than Robbie Ford. I hope beyond hope for a miracle.

      • BradThomas

        Looking at the actual platforms of the parties and individual candidates, weighing the merits and weaknesses of each? Nah, who needs that? Thinking is just too hard … and it’s boring too. It’s so much easier to vote based on substantive criteria like which candidate looks the best, or which of them we’d rather have dinner with.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Harper is campaigning on keeping his hands out of our wallets.
        That has to appeal to everyone who has a wallet.

        • Waffle

          Nah, I’ve come to the conclusion that people love to be lied to by devils in nice suits. They’ve proved it over and over again. We’re screwed.

  • mauser 98
    • Rosenmops

      Heaven help us all if Turdeau becomes pm.

      • mauser 98

        a lib win will be Wynne on steroids government.. they are joined at the hip

  • Denis

    207 seats for Conservative Party! that is my projection. ( or thereabouts!)

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Holy smokes!
      I think a little pee just came out.